Traffic Light Detection for Autonomous Driving

Concept Reply's experts discuss their transformative solution for connected vehicles at CES 2024

Driving into the Future

Concept Reply and Intel have worked together to develop a game-changing solution for connected vehicles. At the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Concept Reply's experts Luigi de Martino and Steffan Bekker were joined by Nuri Cankaya from Intel to discuss their new solution for automated vehicles.


In this video, the experts showcase the new cutting-edge solution for traffic light detection, delving into the intricacies of this innovative technology, designed to revolutionize urban mobility. With a focus on leveraging machine learning and computer vision techniques, our solution enables vehicles to detect traffic lights in real time, enhancing both efficiency and safety on the roads.

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Autonomous driving and traffic lights detection

Empowering autonomous vehicles to accurately detect traffic lights through Reply's AI-powered innovation aimed at revolutionizing the road safety in urban areas.

Autonomous driving and traffic lights detection 0
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