• Over 200.000 documents
  • Normalization: implement a single and uniform content taxonomy
  • Seamlessly integrate SAP with Content Server
  • Concurrent update of a single document/CAD document in parallel projects
  • View and review documents via web Browser (Brava!)
  • Share documents with vendors and partners (Tempo Box)


  • Create a single central repository for all the Customer needs in terms of Document Management, Archiviation, Contract Management
  • Provide to the users a seamless experience, adding Document Management features to their SAP interfaces
  • Create user friendly interface, tailored on the Customer needs
  • Integrate external vendors and providers into the Document Management processes


The solution integrates SAP with ECM (Enterprise Content Management) by Open Text Content Server. As part of the document process integration activities, the customer started an integration project between SAP and Open Text Extended ECM.

The SAP ECM program is split in small vertical projects, linked to the different company departments. The vertical projects will be released on a regular basis in 2 years.

  • Warehouse management: the goal of this process is to improve the acceptance certificate management.
  • Actual Purchases authorization process: the goal of this project is to automate the AP authorization process. The AP authorization needs 4-5 approval steps by users of different roles that exploit different types of reporting and data aggregation.

Open Text Brava! is used to store and manipulate CAD documents. TempoBox has been implemented as the solution for document sharing inside the organization and with external players: Vendors and technical providers. Complex workflows have been implemented in order to govern the different processes, and guide the authorization of the single steps.

The User Interface has been designed with Module Suite in order to be user friendly and easily maintainable in the future upgrades.


The customer is one of the leader operators in the refining sector in Europe.
Its main assets are:

  • One of the biggest high complexity refineries in the Mediterranean Sea
  • IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle): one of the largest liquid fuel gasification plants in the world
  • Generation of electricity from renewable sources
  • Presence in industrial engineering services for the oil sector