• Create an amusing game context to engage young and business people and train them
  • Enable people, individuals to measure their soft and digital skills by using a game format
  • Identify the points of strength of each person and suggest the competency areas to improve


  • Increases the user participation
  • Engagement
  • Learning
  • Sharing
  • Fun


The main purpose was to push individuals, schools, small and medium companies to evaluate and boost their digital competencies and adopt digital behaviors. It’s based on Moodle Open Source LMS, SCORM 1.2 compliant, easily accessible through any device with Full Responsive User Experience.

The user can register and access freely on or from Facebook and LinkedIn.

The proposed learning path is a journey in the space, across the solar system:

  • Each planet represents a group of digital competencies
  • The user must carry out a mission on each planet
  • During the mission, the user assesses skills:
    • Hard Skills – by attending online tests
    • Soft Skills – by playing with games

  • Once the user accomplishes successfully all assigned missions, the user earns:
    • a badge - that can be published on Facebook and LinkedIn
    • a certification – that displays a radar chart with detailed information about digital competencies and skills levels the user achieves

The solution implements a proprietary competency framework, associated with both games and tests. The framework is the result of the scientific collaboration between the Sociology department of Milano-Bicocca University and the People & Business Value team of expert psychologists.

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