• Placing the customer at the center of its CRM processes, modernizing, optimizing and innovating them, to make them a distinctive and excellent company
  • Create a user-friendly and engaging customer experience
  • Manage in an impeccable way all the business processes that govern the entire production cycle of each single vehicle


  • Engaging digital user-experience
  • Wide range of services used by web and mobile
  • Ability to manage the entire production cycle of every single helicopter


Aktive Reply supported AgustaWestland to interact in a more immediate and effective way with its customers through Leonardo, a web platform for civil, military and commercial customers, able to manage the entire production cycle of every single helicopter: parts turnover, fleet and second-hand management, after-sales, providing a wide range of services used by web and mobile. Aktive Reply supported AugustaWestland in all phases of the project, from the review and simplification of CRM processes to the definition of a user-friendly interface.

AgustaWestland's CRM processes, based on SAP technology, required a review that would have allowed the centralization of the various services offered. Aktive Reply worked on continuous reviews, in order to improve the usability for the end user. Processes that are closely interconnected and integrated with the company system have therefore not been overturned, to avoid excessive internal procedural destabilization, preserve the original value and guarantee processing times that are not in contrast with the agility of the desired solution. This transformation was achieved through a new user interface based on a flexible and customizable Content Management System (Magnolia ™ CMS). "Leonardo" is able to accommodate both current and future functionalities, satisfies the support needs of AgustaWestland customers also on new digital media (latest generation web and tablet stations), providing a much wider range of services that can be.

The innovative implementation involves the user in a unified and consistent experience that goes from fleet management to pilot training and is ready to welcome all future B2B functionalities (such as the customized purchase of spare parts), as well as all the further needs for more modern services that AgustaWestland considers appropriate to integrate into the tool. The structure of "Leonardo", divided into various sections, aims to be closer to the needs of users, facilitating their engagement with the provision of additional services. Lastly, within the portal, particular attention was paid to digital communication that characterizes the information path of the most digital users, for example by providing a moderated forum that allows an effective interaction with the company where further study is needed, as well as the integration of a newsletter service: all to facilitate knowledge sharing and promote transparency.

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    AgustaWestland is an Anglo-Italian company, world leader in the helicopter market, with about 13,000 employees located all over the world and production activities in Italy, United Kingdom, Poland and United States, offers a portfolio of latest generation products, has helicopters in all the main weight categories for all uses, both commercial and military.