The Sixth Annual Industrial Data Summit 2023


On 26th April 2023, the sixth annual Industrial Data Summit took place at Villa Park, Birmingham, where the UK’s most senior manufacturing data professionals discussed data and analytics in their businesses.

In the summit’s opening keynote, Rob Clifford, Head of Digital and Data at BAE Systems, spoke about applying lessons from digital transformation in the public sector to the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sector is the latest domain to embrace the digital and industrial data transformation ethos. While there is ground to make up, there’s also huge opportunity to accelerate change by learning from successes and failures in other sectors.


Matt Mould, partner at Storm Reply, spoke at the summit as a table host and provided his key takeaways on the subject of IoT and sensors in the manufacturing industry. “We analysed where people and companies are in their journey with IoT and the good news is there are similarities in terms of where everyone’s at. One universal complexity seems to be the wide and disparate collection of machines that have to be understood to satisfy leaders. Also, that a plant needs to be operationally efficient, and that energy is being tracked. The challenge, however, is that a lot of separate vendors own the machines that need to be changed”.

Matt also highlighted that the industry is tackling, “the issue of talent attraction in this space. Manufacturing was referred to as the backbone of the country, yet it is operating in the background. Therefore, attracting the talent to compete with other, more recognisable industries, is also a challenge”. The discussion also focused on the debate regarding “data extraction from machines and the reasons behind extracting data from machines as well as integrating data from other systems”. Matt Mould concluded that “these questions need to be answered in the context of each business case, to enable greater investment in this space, particularly with IoT and sensors. Because the impact on the bottom line isn’t always immediately obvious”.

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