How to rollout new solutions successfully

A standard approach form Riverland Reply

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Improving and optimizing the business

Companies are facing new challenges due to changing business models. Traditional workflows and revenue streams are challenged in many countries. In this climate, it is important to maintain and improve business operations. Solution strategies, the achievement of business goals and the effective design, operationalization and optimization of business processes is essential.

Change Management to master the challenges

New software solutions are often the key to digital and effective business operations. In addition to the technology however, people and processes also play an important role. Riverland Reply's experience shows that software is a tool which only leads to success when it can be applied properly. Therefore the right methodology for introducing them to their users is needed.

The whitepaper outlines a standard approach method for effective rollout management:

    1. Rollout preparation: the primary task of the rollout preparation is to define the basic objectives of the project.
    2. The initial rollout: the overall goal of the initial rollout is to prepare the market and end users for the software solution.
    3. The iterative rollout: during iterative rollouts the scope of each version has to be newly determined.

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    Riverland Reply

    Riverland Reply is specialized in consulting end-to-end customer-oriented solutions and strategies. In addition, Riverland Reply supports its customers in strategic IT decisions, implementation of defined solutions and production execution. The company combines in-depth knowledge of digital Customer Experience with the full potential of cloud native technologies. This expertise allows Riverland Reply to remove the barriers between a product-based technology and a full custom implementation. Knowing that Customer Experience in the digital era must be highly flexible to be adapted to different industries, Riverland Reply advises clients in automotive, transportation, logistics and finance industry. The strong partnership and close collaboration with Oracle made Riverland Reply the experts of Oracle’s Customer Experience products.