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Infrastructure security and operations refer to the measures taken to ensure that networks and systems remain secure and operational. This includes providing a base service such as DNS and DHCP to keep the networks running. However, despite these measures, security incidents can occur, including data theft often with the goal of encrypting data and files to make them unusable.

To mitigate the risks of these events, it is essential that a professional incident response team is available to triage and effectively resolve these incidents quickly and effectively.


As networks become increasingly cloud-oriented, more secure solutions and services such as SecSaas are emerging.

When securing networks, one should consider utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, architectures, and solutions such as WAF, IPS/IDS, NGFW, VPN Gateway, Network visibility, and Anti-DDOS. Additionally, solutions such as Tufin and Skybox can help manage and optimize security infrastructures. Network access control mechanisms such as Forescout can also be implemented to restrict and secure access to enterprise resources.

Finally, leveraging software-defined technologies for networks, WANs, and access can help automate processes and improve OPEX for enterprises, for which Cisco and Fortinet can provide solutions. Net Reply can help clients evaluate and find the appropriate solutions for their unique needs, whether they are on premise, hybrid, or cloud.


A well-defined architecture and design are necessary to ensure resource-efficient solutions.

Solutions such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) are used to collect and correlate logs based on predetermined sets of logic. This helps to detect any potential security incidents and respond to them quickly.

It is important to have 360-degree visibility of your infrastructure. This is where SIEM comes in. It creates a single source for security control by enabling activities such as automation, monitoring, data correlations, alerts, threat hunting, intelligence, and incident response.

We can help businesses achieve this by providing architecture and design for their SIEM systems. We can also offer implementation and administration of Arcsight or Elastic-based SIEM solutions, as well as offering an evolution project to keep their enterprise ahead in terms of their SIEM system. Logging is a crucial step for visibility, but managing those logs is the most important aspect. We can help businesses maintain and manage those logs, so they can benefit from the full functionality of your SIEM system.


Network and Infrastructure security is essential for protecting an organization from internal and external malicious actors. It requires a high level of technical expertise to properly manage security sources, respond to security incidents, and ensure that the infrastructure is secure. By investing in robust network and infrastructure security, organizations can protect their assets and ensure the integrity of their systems.

Key benefits of working with Net Reply

  • Detection and automatic response solutions for the infrastructure

  • Modern concepts for networks tailored to individual needs

  • Professional incident response services to help companies after a security breach has occurred

  • Training and awareness programs to help organizations improve their cybersecurity management

  • Being prepared to respond to security incidents right after an indicator of compromise (IoC) is detected

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    Net Reply covers the entire network landscape from switches to routers to firewalls to VPN gateways. Our consultants leverage state-of-the-art network concepts such as software-defined networking (SDN) as well as software-defined WAN to optimize networks for our clients. We specialize in designing, implementing, and administering solutions from small to carrier-grade infrastructures. This includes making sure that all network operations, such as Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and IP address management, are running smoothly. In addition, our advanced AI technology helps us to detect and mitigate potential threats within milliseconds.