Laife Reply's innovative approach will prepare enterprises for digital transformation

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Start-ups and young tech-companies innovate fast, scale rapidly and create new revenue streams. In order to stay competitive, established enterprises need to adopt some of those characteristics. To get there, very often ambitious digital transformation programs are launched – with disappointing success rates. While rolling out new systems the transformation effort often does more harm than good. The key elements of failures mostly revolve around information chaos in core business processes:
  • High complexity, caused by fragmented processes and legacy systems
  • Corporate culture which prevents digital change, as people feel overwhelmed and disoriented
  • Misaligned initiatives because of unclear strategies
  • Insufficient sponsorship and support due to organizations’ non-transparency
  • Insufficient analysis and requirements, as a result of limited focus on customer value
  • Digitizing inapt processes, due to a lack of capabilities to challenge the value chain
  • Incorrect goals and scope, as critical stakeholders are not identified
  • Shrinking operating budgets, as external hires require significant investment
  • Communicating unsuccessfully, as simple marketing does not overcome fear

Fit for the match

Rushing into digital transformation is like sports without training and rarely leads to top game. Similarly a company has to be prepared before it is fit for the real match .

With "Match Fit 4 Transformation (M4T) Laife Reply determines the status quo in companies and relieves them of the information chaos. The consultants achieve this by organizing and structuring processes. This is preventing failure when introducing new technological solutions.

The key to success: First of all the value chain needs to be evaluated and adjusted. Tailored business processes enable digital transformation and allow managers to make the right decisions in the digital world.

We challenge your current digital transformation strategy and indicate first hypotheses, key objectives and scope as well as areas of immediate improvement.

Running surveys and interviews along critical areas we help enriching the value chain.

We conduct workshops on scoped processes to identify potential improvements and value drivers.

Based on the findings we design a Playbook, which you can use as a plug-and-play-solution with detailed steps on how to become Match Fit 4 Transformation.

Follow Playbook guidelines, implement necessary changes and track success to become Match Fit 4 Transformation.

Further benefits:

  • Customer value will be enhanced thanks to data-driven decisions
  • Current capabilities, processes, systems and data are made transparent
  • Staff engagement increases
  • Objectives will be achieved and expectations managed
  • Hands-on support from executive leadership will be secured


  • Cross-functional collaboration will be strengthened
  • Day-to-day operating budgets will be reduced
  • Fewer expensive, external hires are going to be required
  • Revenue is protected and retained
  • Program timeline and costs will shrink