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Leveraging the potential

Leaner processes, better efficiency, shorter time to bring the drugs to the market: Digitization gives pharmaceutical companies decisive competitive advantages. The potential remains to be utilized fully by using prevailing data and technologies. Laife Reply aims at that – we remove obstacles in the pharmaceutical industry and pave the way towards digitalisation.

Innovative, sustainable

Together with our customers, we at Laife Reply identify, develop and implement digital solutions. We make sure that these solutions are not only innovative, but also sustainable. This is the only way our customers can benefit from it in the long term.

In addition, we create the technological prerequisites for comprehensive data management.

& adaptive

It is important for advances to be tailored according to your need so that to be efficient and sustainable. We also take corporate culture into account when designing concepts to offer you the most suitable solutions. Laife Reply works with agile and customer-centric approaches.

In this way we guide you step by step through major transformation processes tailored to your organization.

Become more digital with Laife Reply

Learn more about how we support companies in their digitalization:

Together with our customers, we identify scope and opportunities for digitization. To do this, we asses your organization’s current data landscape and how it is used. The degree of maturity and configuration of the current data organization play a decisive role here.

Based on this analysis, we select and implement the appropriate ontology and architecture for you. We pay attention to clear data terminology and compatibility with governance, processes and scientific interests.

We also support our clients in developing an organizational understanding of the data. We enable others by engaging them through uniform working methods, therefore increasing the success of data management.

We support our customers in the implementation of IT projects. Together we define goals, roles and responsibilities – the basis for successful project organization. We ensure quality by means of risk management and appropriate documentation by making sure to involve all stakeholders. This is the only way to achieve successful change management. In order to support you through out the project life cycle, we rely on transparency, training and post-live support.

In this way, our customers can smoothly introduce new strategies, data cycles, landscapes and management processes and benefit from them.

Together with our customers, we identify the best-fitting digital technologies to explore business opportunities with data. Performing data mining to drill down into data mountains we work for raw data attribution.

Using big data analytics, we generate and utilize our customer’s data to develop insights. Together with you, we forge data integrity and cleaning strategies to enhance trust in your data. By executing statistical analysis and best-matching data visualization techniques we attach significance to your raw data.

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    Laife Reply

    Laife Reply is a management consultancy with a dedicated focus on the life science industry. Laife Reply's clients are globally active corporations and emerging specialists in the pharmaceutical and Life Science industries. Laife Reply guides and accompanies clients through their strategic and operational projects along the entire R&D-to-market process. The experienced team combines a passion for science, in-depth industry knowledge and management expertise with a strong "can-do" mentality.