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Case Study

Quality Applications

Hermes Reply supported the customer in standardizing the way in which the quality of the vehicle and the process is monitored and measured. The challenge to standardize Quality processes is proposing a complete but simple solution, which can be used by all type of users (Plant users, Corporate Quality, Suppliers, etc.), give meaning to data from different systems, cover all the steps of the workflow and facilitate KPI monitoring and analysis.

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Case Study


The customer's goal was to create a Manufacturing Execution System solution to be installed in engine and transmission production plants. The system covers the entire production process, from production planning to shipping of the final product. It was developed by Hermes Reply over the years by increasing the coverage of the system and performing several rollouts in the EMEA, LATAM and APAC plants, for a total of 14 world-wide plants that currently use the solution.

Digital Transformation

Best Practice

Fine-grained modular enterprise approach

Understanding the best way to develop and deploy applications is an important consideration for any data-driven organization today. The Fine-Grained Modular Enterprise approach is a solution model for a complete shop floor as an ecosystem in which each element has its own path of progressive development and integration into this ecosystem.

Machine Learning

Case Study

Grinding 4.0

Hermes Reply supported the customer in its "Digitalization path" towards Industry 4.0 paradigm, introducing a Quality System based on Machine Learning algorithms with the purpose of helping operators during grinding operations.

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Shop floor Management System

Case Study

DSM Application

Hermes Reply has created a Shop floor management and connectivity solution with devices to be installed in component manufacturing plants. This Shop floor system apply supervision logics to the production lines, is responsible to verify consistency of products, congruency of components with current production and collect process and product data from lines.

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Industry 4.0

Best Practice

The Digital Transformation Process: structured 6-steps approach

We are currently experiencing what everyone calls the 4th industrial revolution in which we are faced with a number of digital technologies that enable the industry 4.0 paradigm. Hermes Reply supports its customers in the digital transformation process through an end-to-end approach.



Digital restart

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on businesses in all industries. Laife Reply, Hermes Reply and Concept Reply has developed a modular solution to support the restart that lean on a digital platform that can be harmonized within the customer landscape.

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