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Who we are

Frank Reply is the Reply Group company specializing in the latest technologies in voice, chatbots, conversational AI, and generative AI. Our mission is to revolutionize human interaction with digital applications. Therefore, as a strategy consultant and full-service provider, we support the development of highly human and user-centric language interfaces using artificial intelligence and conversational architecture.

With our tailor-made and forward-looking solutions, we enable companies to address, understand and inspire their customers in a natural and intuitive way. By optimizing the information and communication-intensive processes along the entire customer journey, we not only increase Customer satisfaction, but also contribute to increased efficiency and reduce costs. Benefit from our cutting-edge voice interfaces and give your company a voice!

Our offering

We accompany you on your journey, from the first idea to the finished chat or voice assistant. Benefit from our expertise in the areas of:

We know what great chat and voice interfaces look like, and gladly support you to design your own solution. Let's find out together where the use of such a tool makes sense for your company. With the help of workshops, interviews, and benchmarking we develop your perfect user journey. In doing so, we pay attention to the right flow. In addition, we provide customized conversational copywriting.


We support you in programming the optimal database and the appropriate APIs for the backend of your chat or voice interface. With our architectures based on Large Language Models and customized, multilingual dialogs, we create the perfect foundation for your voice interface. In addition, our experts take care of the continuous integration, deployment, security, and end-to-end testing of your application.

With our expertise in frontend development and conversational design, we ensure that your voice interface hits the right note. Whether dialect, wording, intonation, volume, or language level: Using SSML design, sonic branding, and prompt engineering we enable the appropriate effects for the speech output of your chat or voice interface. This is how we make your individual wishes come true.

User Experience

White Paper

Developing future-proof Voice Interfaces

Our whitepaper shows how speech-controlled interfaces - and especially their output - can become more flexible and durable using established front-end development principles.

Developing future-proof Voice Interfaces 0


Best Practice

Replace the car key with your voice

Together with Brose, Reply's voice experts have developed a prototype that enables secure unlocking of the car by voice control.

Replace the car key with your voice 0




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