Product Innovation & IOT

Best Practice


30 billion interconnected objects by 2020*. This is the great opportunity that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transversally proposing to all Industries that have the ambition to offer products and services capable of “entering" into the everyday life of its Customers.

The IoT technically represents an ecosystem of technologies, applications and smart devices that are always connected and able to collect, exchange and analyse data in order to enable “real time” actions. A service potential with the most diverse areas of application: from home, to health, entertainment and recreation in general.
Fonte: IDC

IOT Potential

With the arrival of the IoT, the foundations are now laid for new Customer relationship paradigms and for the creation of new business ecosystems which, until recently, were unthinkable.


Creating a “well-rounded” product, which goes beyond the traditional policy and supports Customers in their day to day needs. But not only: designing a reference model with the idea of its application at an international level. This is the ambition of a leading Insurance Group operating on a global scale.
To achieve this result, the Company decided to start from the IoT phenomenon to conceive a new product capable of enhancing their ability to stand alongside the Customer to guarantee the security and protection of assets.
Realising such an ambition represents a radical transformation for the Company in the way it interfaces with the Customer: this is why it was necessary to define an operating model capable of addressing completely new needs for an insurance company, such as logistics, the handling of problems “on-site” and the ability to answer customer requests in “real time”.

e*finance consulting Reply supported the Company throughout all aspects of the initiative by means of the following activities:
• “extended” competitive analysis with a multi-country focus
• definition of the value proposition
• design of the enabling operating model and of the digital Customer experience
• assessment of the economic impacts of the initiative, in order to verify the conditions of sustainability


The Company adopted an ad hoc structure and a comprehensive framework for the “launch” in different countries, having a clear idea, right from the start, of the definition, constraints and business objectives required for a profitable initiative.