New distribution & service model

Best Practice


Today, Financial Institutions are undergoing a process of major and sustained change, driven and necessitated by the evolution of customer behaviour, by technological innovations and by regulatory changes.

The combined impact of these variables requires an extensive rethinking of current distribution and service models. Within this framework, we help our customers to redefine the logic (processes, channels, tools, etc.) with which they manage the relationship with their customers during all key stages: from the presentation of the offer and the engagement of new customers, to consulting services and after sales support.

Today, as never before, banks and insurance companies are assessed according to the new (and higher) standards of simplicity, transparency, timeliness and value for money, typical of large digital retailers.


There is no single recipe, but we are in a position to “combine all the necessary ingredients”:

• a deep understanding of the Italian and international market
• extensive experience in the field
• a strong handle on innovation
• keeping an eye out for the best practices adopted in other industries


The aim was to launch a new “light” banking service capable of bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms, throughout the main banking activity areas: from payments management, to lending and savings management.
Achieving this goal requires the modelling, engineering and development of the main “building blocks” that make up a “native digital” bank: a range of dedicated products, the remote onboarding processes aimed at prospects, the back office and contact centre components and the services and platforms used by end customers. All this in order to create a distinctive offer portfolio, based on a light and “full digital” distribution and service model, available especially on the mobile channel.
e*finance consulting Reply supported its customer in all the phases of this sensitive and challenging initiative:
• Definition of the service model
• Availability of a detailed business plan
• Operational application of the model in terms of processes and functionality
• Overall administration of delivery activities


What was originally just a business idea, was transformed into a genuine service targeted at the Financial Institution’s customers:
active, tangible and usable in everyday life.