Multichannel & Digital Experience

Best Practice


The boundary between the physical and the digital realms seems increasingly destined to disappear: this is a concept that applies to all aspects of today's life. It is a fact for everyone involved, including the Financial Institutions.

Taking on the challenge of this “new reality” requires multichannel strategies that are increasingly focused on customer engagement, based on methods and relying on touchpoints that are most relevant to them, digitising all phases of the relationship, from the purchase to after-sales services. All this, with the awareness that the competitive environment is becoming increasingly more articulated and that Financial Institutions “are not alone anymore”: new players from different sectors (e.g. leading e-commerce, Fintech, etc.) look at the distribution of financial products with increasing interest, taking advantage of their expertise in the full digital management of the relationship with Customers.

Multichannel Strategy

e*finance consulting Replyaccompanies its Customers in all the stages involved in the definition of their multichannel strategy, helping them design touchpoints that are relevant to the business and supporting them along the whole implementation path.


Tackling new groups of customers, bridging the advice-gap of subjects excluded from access to financial advice up until now, taking advantage of the propensity of the so-called “digital natives” to use online platforms. This is the challenge undertaken by a major financial institution, which decided to introduce a new Robo Advisory-based investment Service.

With this goal on the horizon, e*finance Consulting Reply partnered and worked alongside the Customer to bring the concept to life. Starting with a thorough analysis of existing solutions available on the Italian and international markets, the key elements of the service were defined:
• pricing and economics
• underlying products
• functioning logic
• content and features
• fruition channels

placing the emphasis transversely on the need to guarantee a simple and innovative digital experience.


The financial institution defined a service concept that was distinctive and appealing to the Customer, including all the features and user experience aspects, ready for the development and implementation phase, also thanks to the attention paid to sustainability in relation to the institution's internal characteristics.