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e*finance consulting Reply actively monitors the main innovation-related hot topics in order to identify the specific aspects most relevant to its Customers: the goal is to move quickly from the study of trends to the development and implementation of solutions in factory logic.

An output of our factory - ROBOTICS AND PROCESS AUTOMATION
The so-called ”Data Robotics” facilitates the introduction and integration of automation into organisational processes, making available technologies, methodologies and applications capable of radically changing the “way of working” in companies, in other words, allowing the machines and the humans to work side by side in the execution of daily activities and decision-making processes. Self-learning technologies and Artificial Intelligence are the key to making change feasible and accessible. The value of change? Focusing people on higher value activities, ensuring better accuracy when making decisions, an increase in the productivity of the “operating machine”, the ability to respond to risks and opportunities in “near real-time”.


e*finance consulting Reply– together with the Reply Group – supports its Customers in the automation challenge, the last step of the digital transformation, using a structured methodology, leveraging the understanding of business processes, the experience in the use of Robotic Process Automation platforms and the knowledge of Machine Learning techniques, a distinctive factor for the success of robotisation.


Technological innovation applied to the Business Model and to the Operational Model can turn into a significant competitive advantage: a deep conviction that drove one of the main players in the Italian market to launch a Process Automation project.

The key goals to aim for include:
• speed and quality in the execution of activities, in order to reduce response times and rework
• operational efficiency: lower costs and a focus on activities with a lower rate of repetition
• flexibility: lean and easily scalable processes to support volume growth

In order to respond to this challenge, the Company decided to take advantage of e*finance Consulting Reply’s support to carry out a feasibility study aimed at:
• testing the technologies available on a limited perimeter of activities to automate
• evaluating the sustainability of the objectives set, by defining and measuring indicators (KPIs)
• translating the benefits into economic value through a quantitative business case

After verifying the feasibility of the project, e*finance Consulting Reply also supported the Customer during the project implementation phase, following the activities in an end-to-end logic, from the design of the processes and of the architectural solution to the operational implementation, relying on a highly innovative software solution for the Robotics.


Preliminary measurements in the field confirmed the Customer’s objectives, in terms of both improvement in quality and in the streamlining of processes. In addition, compared to the current management, automated processes exhibit a recovery efficiency of between 60 and 70%.