Data driven CRM

Best Practice


What do Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix or Spotify have in common? These are native-digital players that grew out of deeply innovative ideas which, having matured in the Cloud era and having developed a new generation of technologies, literally invented new scenarios for using digital services. They built key elements of success on the ability to “foresee” the world and interpret users’ needs and preferences in terms of information analysis and advanced capabilities in reading raw data.

The paradigm shift is based on a series of services and features that are completely driven by data (data-driven). These approaches are reinventing the use of technology: thanks to data-driven capabilities, it is now possible to create systems that can read, anticipate and even steer the needs and intentions of users. This opportunity is enabled by the immediate availability of information and powered by the parallel growth of the analytical capabilities of distributed machines. And if data is the fuel of this revolution, the new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools are its engine.

Data Robotics

As part of the modelling of data analysis platforms based on the new data-driven principles, e*finance Consulting Reply has acquired advanced consulting experience consolidated in the Reply “Robotics For Customers” framework. The technologies and knowledge needed to transform every business through data-driven economy ideas are now available to everyone. Exploiting them is only a matter of planning, experience and commitment


A large international bank needed to automate and customise its customer development processes, increasing the performance of cross- and up-selling activities. To implement this idea using a data-driven approach, the data was organised from a customer-centric perspective, and was prepared, transformed and enriched with the help of open sources and used to develop advanced analytical models.

An end-to-end process was implemented, designed to transform and simplify the operation of marketing campaigns, significantly increasing their effectiveness.

The success of the initiative enabled the Bank to take full advantage of the Marketing Automation Platform..
Thanks to this experimentation, a new type of commercial campaign, driven by predictive analytical data and models (Recommendation Systems), was made possible; it is able to customise the commercial offers available on the online digital channels by anticipating the needs and interests of the individual customer.


The results observed downstream of the experiment showed an increase of approximately 30% in terms of conversion (and sales).