Virtual Personal Shopper

Elevating the shopping journey with personalized assistance

A new shopping experience

Virtual Personal Shopper is the ultimate solution for all clothing purchases going forward. With a deep understanding of style, past purchases, and customers with similar tastes, Virtual Personal Shopper can anticipate preferences.

It can suggest a particular clothing piece that perfectly matches the request or even curate an entire ensemble that complements the style and fits the occasion impeccably.

Revolutionizing the fashion experience with GenAI

Virtual Personal Shopper can personalize outfits based on social events, weather conditions, seasonal trends, and fashion fads.

With the incorporation of Language Models in its development, Virtual Personal Shopper is set to revolutionize the fashion experience with GenAI.

It will enhance the way clothes are bought, ensuring that every purchase is a perfect match for unique tastes.

Business Value


Personalized & real-time recommendations

Highly personalized product suggestions, customized to individual preferences and adaptable to diverse occasions and contexts.


New cross-selling possibilities

Virtual Personal Shopper's exceptional ability to understand customer needs from all perspectives enhances the experience by effortlessly meeting and exceeding requests.


Tailored guidance for any retail needs

Dynamic adaptability of the virtual shopping assistant ensures personalized recommendations across varied retail sectors, transcending beyond just fashion.


Elevate the customer experience of an e-commerce platform

Enabling users to emulate an in-store experience with a dedicated personal shopper, amplifying engagement and interaction.

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    Virtual Personal Shopper's adaptability & scalability

    The virtual personal shopper effortlessly adjusts to evolving customer preferences and requirements, offering personalized recommendations at any time, from any location and with the use of any language.

    Virtual Personal Shopper is not confined to any limits as it is ready to adapt seamlessly to any shopping experience. By fine-tuning Large Language Model (LLM) algorithms on companies' data, Virtual Personal Shopper becomes the versatile shopping companion.

    Picture it effortlessly integrating into any retail environment that craves intelligent suggestions.

How Virtual Personal Shopper works?

How Virtual Personal Shopper works

Integration Roadmap

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    Data collection and preparation to build the main source

    • Product information collection and enrichment
    • Users information and past purchases
    • Automatic tagging with GenAI to enrich info (Optional)
  • Personalization

    Fine-tuning of the models on company’s specific data

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    Virtual Personal Shopper Integration

    Data collection and preparation to build the main source

    • Pipeline development
    • Design of Virtual Personal Shopper integration
    • Chat-bot interface (Optional)
  • Output Analysis

    Results and evaluation monitoring (Optional)

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