COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management for Health Departments

Cluster Reply built a COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management Solution. The System for Infection Chain Management enables the staff of Health Departments and Authorities to digitally manage Coronavirus cases and close contacts.

Millions of people worldwide have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In all countries, the number of people infected and deceased is rising. Health Departments have to record numerous cases and regularly inform individuals of close contacts. The quarantine must be checked by Health Authorities on a daily basis. These activities are currently mostly performed manually and are time-consuming.


Cluster Reply built the COVID-19 Infection Chain Case Management Solution to manage Coronavirus cases. The System for Infection Chain Management for Health Departments and Authorities captures Coronavirus cases and digitalizes forms. It enables the employees of Health Departments to manage cases and close contacts digitally.

A simplified tailor-made UI for the contact tracing teams (CTT) helps onboard new staff without a strong health background. An optional self-service portal gives infected people the chance to report instances of close contact with people and to communicate quarantine updates.

The Digital Health Manager

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Highlights of the solution are the digital management of cases and close contacts, support in contact mediation, contact tracking and quarantine monitoring, evaluations/dashboards with near real-time data and self-services for infected individuals.

The overview of Coronavirus case data inside the solution helps to manage case files and those affected by a close contact. Health departments receive a detailed overview of affected individuals and are able to relay the information for the quarantine protocol. Daily contact lists for patients in quarantine and isolation ensure that calls and other activities can be tracked easily: the process status can be recognized immediately and is updated on a daily basis. Staff and operators access a daily updated logging of quarantine and the status of daily telephone contacts. Plus, the Digital Health Manager reports COVID-19 tests and their results. Multiple tests per person can be deposited.

The System also offers a self-service portal for daily updates and reports. Affected people can independently record close contacts and their own quarantine protocol. A live cockpit shows the current situation by analysing current case numbers, identifying infection chains and reporting near real-time data. Furthermore, it gives an overview of the Infection chain management solution form and all officially demanded information can be captured or forwarded to other Health departments. Users can automatically generate official documents with current case data.


The solution is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud, fulfilling all security compliances. Highly secure SSL encryption is also used as a secure interface. The data is encrypted during transport with TLS. Security is also guaranteed by Azure Active Directory Premium 2 with multi-factor and network authentication, identity protection, access check and authorization management. Microsoft is one of the Reply Group's technical partners and supports Reply in the development of the technical framework.

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