Innovations and challenges within a Digital Transformation path


DoveVivo rents out apartments, apartments’ clusters or whole buildings from private property owners or either real estate operators. The company uses long-term contracts and manages such properties renting individual rooms to students and young workers that choose to
Currently there is a client base of 4.000, which is provided with rooms and services, with an increasing demand from potential clients searching for rooms (around 50.000 enquiries in 2018).

DoveVivo identified an improvement potential around clients acquisition process, commercial negotiation management and end-clients related relationship management: high volume of emails and calls management within visits scheduling, check-in planning, collection of complaints and contract closing procedures management.

DoveVivo DoveVivo needed to introduce new processes and architectures to be able to boost and improve communication with clients and prospects, reply promptly to their enquiries and, at the same time, optimise the overall workload of internal departments. In order to digitise and streamline sales/negotiation management process with its customers, DoveVivo chose Cluster Reply as technological partner.

‹‹ DoveVivo sta vivendo due trasformazioni.
La prima è quella dimensionale, tipica delle scale-up, che ci permetterà di realizzare il nostro piano di crescita e raggiungere i 100 Milioni di fatturato nel 2022; la seconda, più comune a tante società, è quella digitale, che impone un cambio radicale nei processi.
La sfida di questa trasformazioni è resa più complessa dal fatto di far parte di un mercato nuovo, quello del co-living, che non ha benchmark né punti di riferimento e nel quale DoveVivo è leader e precursore.
Proprio per questo, DoveVivo ha scelto Reply: la trasformazione necessita di un partner forte e consolidato nel settore tecnologico, che non sia solo un fornitore di know-how ma un vero e proprio alleato capace di pensare “oltre” e di progettare soluzioni realmente innovative. ››

Stefano Cristiani – ICT Manager - DoveVivo


With this project, Cluster Reply provided to DoveVivo an integrated set of applications transforming its operations from different points of view. On one hand, prospects’ customer journey has simplified as well as communication process between customers and DoveVivo by introducing a new App and refactoring the current website; on the other hand, working time of employees has been optimised by orchestrating all the requests and activities using the Dynamics 365 platform.

The App allows the management to deal with all interaction activities against tenants. Essentially, the overall tenants-DoveVivo relationship is managed within the solution in an end-to-end fashion: from the acquisition stage, contract management, until contract closure and checkout management including maintenance requests management related to rented apartments. Using mobile App, it is also possible to visualize invoices and possibly proceed with payments, connecting to an external payment system, send complains/reports as well as carry out information/appointments requests and feedback.
Moreover a tenant can access to additional services such as agreements with DoveVivo partners like restaurants, gyms, medical centres and agencies and also rent sports equipment for free offered by DoveVivo.

Website enhancement has boosted the online image, in fact this establishes for DoveVivo a real showcase to present its portfolio of solutions for both new customers and loyal ones.

In addition to the existing sections, new features of direct sending information, customers’ appointment and booking requests have been added, which are directly routed towards the right DoveVivo department inbox reducing manual sorting of the emails and telephonic activities.
The new application has become a fundamental hub for all users’ activities.

The new platform has new custom functional areas, divided into department and addressed to the relationship with tenants, suppliers and landlords: Customer care, Contact Centres, Marketing, Acquisition of new properties and Sales. Within the CRM, in fact, all information and the most relevant data are tracked to manage all company Operations.
From the very beginning, DoveVivo appreciated benefits and advantages of adopting new processes and tools; the company is strongly willing to go-on on this strategic path towards the growth and innovation to be a cutting-edge company ad competitive completive player in its reference market.

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    DoveVivo it is the first and the largest co-living company in Italy. Founded in 2007, today is managing a portfolio made of 950 apartments in 5 cities, thanks to a network of more than 350 owners and investors to whom DoveVivo offers a full property management service that maximizes the return in the long-term reducing risks and costs. Its customers create a community of more than 4,000 tenants who recognise DoveVivo as their point of reference to live in a new city letting them to focus on their studies and jobs.