Empower People with Smart working

Improve teamwork by trasforming traditional offices
into digital workplaces

A new way of working

The Client is composed by several companies, located all over the world. The first need is to consolidate and create an unique infrastructure that is standard for all of the companies, in order to provide unified tools of collaboration and communication. The Client’s desire is the adoption of an unified Digital Workplace platform managed centrally and with a high level of security.

A successful transition

Cluster Reply designed a new Corporate solution, in order to consolidate the IT infrastructure. Cluster Reply helped the Client to define the migration path of the mailboxes to Exchange Online and the adoption of Sharepoint Online as documental repository, replacing the use of file servers. These adoptions and data migrations gave the possibility to replace the on-Premises solutions with the cloud.

Step-by-step guide

Cluster Reply provided guidance to the Client in adoption of MS Teams for a smarter collaboration and communication, thanks to the flexibility of the platform; in this way the end-users obtain free unlimited chat, video calling, file sharing, storage, and more benefits in Smart Working scenario.
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    Cluster Reply

    Cluster Reply is the company in the Reply group specialized in consulting services and design of cutting-edge solutions to accompany clients on their “digital transformation” path with Microsoft's cloud technologies. Cluster Reply supports its clients with cross-industry skills in Applications & Infrastructure, Business Applications, Modern Workplace, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Through its Modern Workplace offering based on the Microsoft 365 platform, it helps companies to create a collaborative work environment that is focused on engagement, productivity and possibility to access information from any device in complete safety. Cluster Reply operates in synergy with other companies in the Reply network that are Microsoft partners in Brazil, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the USA.