All statistics of a Marketing Campaign at one glance with Dynamics 365 and MailUp Connector


The context is related to customers who have a Dynamics 365 subscription or a MailUp subscription (or maybe both of them) and they are interested in integrating the two platforms in order to have a complete marketing automation suite in order to send email and sms and track every customer action (clicks, opens, bounces...).

Cluster Reply and MailUp cooperated in order to realize a Dynamics 365 + MailUp Connector to allow every Dynamics 365 user to use all Dynamics CRM features in order to send email and sms through a MailUp subscription and save statistics inside the CRM.


Cluster Reply implemented Dynamics 365 + MailUp connector with two versions: a “Light” Connector which is available for free on Microsoft Appsource. This “trial” Dynamics solution can be downloaded in order to let customers test the product and decide if it is suitable for their needs; and a “PRO” version (which is a client application that needs to run on a server or on a local computer) whose purpose is to automatically sync data and communications between the two systems without any user interaction.

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    MailUp is an email marketing platform for sending emails, newsletters and SMS. The company has a customer base of more than 10.000 companies and an average of 14 billion emails sent per year. Entirely web-based, MailUp is a proprietary software that allows to create, send, automate and monitor multi-channel communication campaigns.