Configurable Workflow & SLAs Engine

Configurable Workflow & SLAs Engine

Cluster Reply realised the “Configurable Workflow & SLAs Engine” to model, in an open, flexible and configurable way, complex Workflows using Dynamics CRM only, making users (“configurators”) autonomous in creating or amending Workflows without the need of developments and involvement of external parties.

Furthermore, thanks to the SLA Management engine, you can track time between two events defined by configurators and, possibly, to take an action when the timeline is due.

  • Zero-coding and no IT skills needed to configure a Workflow, All configurations are done using Dynamics 365 only

  • Integrated SLAs management engine that can trigger events and activate Workflow transition

  • Clear Workflow management with visibility on possible next actions and transition

  • Guided workflow including contextual documentation

  • Workflow audit on occurred transition


The package is for customers having a Dynamics 365 subscription and are interested in managing complex business Workflows using only Dynamics 365 platform.
Users will have a clear Workflow management with visibility on possible next actions, transitions and contextual documentation, associated to a single Workflow step.


Cluster Reply implemented “Configurable Workflow & SLAs Engine” with two versions:
The “Light” version will provide solution base functionalities, in order to let the customers to evaluate and use the product in their business processes. This version is available for free on Microsoft AppSource. To download it click here.
The “PRO” version has no pre-defined limitation on Workflow Steps and Configurable SLAs and can be attached to any business entity.