MSP Multicloud

Address the complexity of the cloud with the expertise of Cloud9 Reply as a managed service provider (MSP).


An important company with a vast and varied set of applications and infrastructure including SAP, SAP Hana, Tibco, microservices on OpenShift, Kubernetes, Hadoop, and Databricks faced the growing complexity of its cloud ecosystem. Its traditional management approach was struggling to keep up with technological evolution and rising operational costs. In this context, Cloud9 Reply emerged as an ideal partner, thanks to its experience as a managed service provider (MSP) and its strong cloud orientation.


The client's main goal was to effectively manage the growing complexity of its IT environment, improving the scalability, efficiency, and agility of its cloud infrastructures. The client also wanted to reduce operational costs and ensure that its management strategy could evolve along with new technologies. Lastly, the company aimed to optimize the application development lifecycle to enhance team collaboration and reduce time-to-market.


The company's main challenge was the management of the complexity and variety of its IT applications and infrastructures. Its traditional management method was not keeping up with technological evolution and the increase in operational costs. Implementing new technologies and methodologies, such as a multicloud model and infrastructure as code (IaC), represented a significant challenge.


Cloud9 Reply addressed these challenges by proposing an approach based on a multicloud model, capable of exploiting the specificities of each provider, balancing the performance, costs, and resilience of applications. The heart of the change was the implementation of infrastructure as code (IaC), which allowed for the automation and acceleration of infrastructure configuration and deployment, reducing the risk of manual errors. Cloud9 Reply also improved the efficiency of the application development life cycle by automating DevOps chains. Finally, it implemented real-time monitoring solutions and performance management to ensure optimal performance and controlled costs. This intervention led to a radical transformation of the client's infrastructure, with a significant reduction in operating costs and an increase in the efficiency and manageability of IT resources.


Thanks to the intervention of Cloud9 Reply, the company has undergone a radical and positive transformation of its infrastructure. Below are the main results achieved:


    The transition to an automated management model and the implementation of real-time monitoring solutions have led to a significant decrease in operating costs.


    Automation of infrastructure deployment and management, as well as optimization of the application development lifecycle, has increased the efficiency of the company's IT system.


    The adoption of the multicloud model and infrastructure as code (IaC) have made the client's infrastructure more agile and easily scalable in response to business needs.


    The adoption of a code-based infrastructure management system has made the IT system easier to manage, with less risk of manual errors.

The added value brought by Cloud9 Reply goes beyond tangible results. The company is now free from concerns related to cloud management and can focus on its core activities, confident in having a reliable partner like Cloud9 Reply for support. With an infrastructure management that is now optimized, resilient, and agile, the company is prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the cloud, effectively responding to the dynamics of technological innovation.