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Brick Reply makes it possible to easily configure and control the entire production process, defining Factory operations, rules and workflows. The integration with the plant ensures production efficiency and quality.

Brick Reply is not only an Execution platform, but also a complete solution for all factory activities, from ERP integration and BOM management, to product and process quality control.

Brick Reply is not only an Execution platform, but also a complete solution for all factory activities, from ERP integration and BOM management, to product and process quality control.

ERP Integration

The Brick Reply platform makes available a default connector for interfacing with main ERP flows. The ability to extend and configure additional data interfaces makes the solution compatible with any existing IT scenario. ×

Plant Layout

At the base level, the Manufacturing Operations platform allows for a detailed definition of the production layout, integrating machinery and defining workstations. The capacity to flexibly define lines, workspaces and workcentres includes the ability to work in a test environment. ×

Product Structure

Independent of the complexity of the factory’s production process, Brick Reply manages product BOMs, together with the ability to coordinate the supply tree and the related genealogies, based on different levels of complexity. ×

Process Execution

Brick Reply is not limited to management of the Execution phases, it is a complete solution that integrates machinery, human resources and IT. The ability to configure production workflows and guided work processes, renders the production component extremely easy to adopt and simplifies the training of operators and staff. ×

Manufacturing Quality

The availability of Shop Floor, process and product-related data, makes Quality Manufacturing an extremely powerful and flexible component. The platform provides a set of reports and KPIs for quality control. Brick Reply is also able to make data available to external Business Analytics components. ×

Production Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of equipment and plants, combined with production process performance data, allows for implementing a comprehensive monitoring process, usable from any type of device. Native support of IoT devices and the ability to integrate into Brownfield spaces, thanks to the Brick Connector based on the OPC United Architecture, ensures that the platform is adaptable to any technological framework. ×


The Manufacturing Operations Management platform is in line with Industry 4.0 standards. Brick Reply is a technologically innovative solution, compatible with ISA standards and capable of handling the main production processes. New technologies on which the solution is based benefits both IT and the Factory. The extreme scalability of the platform, from SaaS architecture to the on-premise version, combined with excellent flexibility in the definition of production processes, make Brick Reply a change-proof solution.

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    The availability of an IT tool that can quickly adapt to various needs is critical in this historical moment, when time-to-market and diversified production vary continuously. Brick Reply is extremely flexible and adaptable to any context, ensuring that the production process can be configured based on the specific plant layout.

  • Industry 4.0 Oriented

    Compatibility with the Internet of Things world and the ability to integrate legacy equipment, combined with an innovative event driven application architecture, make Brick Reply the ideal solution oriented towards Industry 4.0. The use of Cloud technologies, on the other hand, also facilitates the application of algorithms such as Machine Learning and Prescriptive Analytics.

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    Cloud is the ideal tool for minimising initial investments and scaling down the solution as needed, without the need to maintain and renovate available hardware. Brick Reply is distributed on different service levels, from a PaaS architecture to an on-premise solution, bringing the concept of scalability extremely close to that of profitability.

  • Predictive maintenance and reduction of failure

    Data collected at different levels provide an excellent basis on which to develop Machine Learning logic designed to analyse and prevent problems. Brick Reply’s artificial intelligence does not exclusively apply to machinery operating data, but also to production processes, such as, for example, 4M analysis (WCM).



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