Implement with
IDOL your
Data Ingestion Pipeline


  • Every day a large number of unstructured content (documents, email, scans) enter the company
  • Categorization and management of incoming documents are expensive and time consuming tasks
  • Unstructured content is often stored in vertical silos , there is no centralized, easy searchability
  • Companies face regulatory risks due to unmanaged content


  • Automate the ingestion of content
  • Automatically categorize content, enrich it and store it where it belongs
  • Automate answers for basic problems, freeing man time for added valute tasks
  • Centralize your searches, granting full aknowledgment of your content


Aktive Reply can build for you Intelligent Ingestion Pipelines that automatically categorize incoming documents with self-categories or specific training, extract relevant information to improve tagging and searcheability, store documents in the relevant repositories and let you have the powerful and flexible Semantic Search Engine to easily navigate and find your unstructured content. With its LLM capabilities, IDOL can help you also automate answers and feedbacks, to free man power for other value added tasks.

Our Clients

The ideal customer for this solution might be YOU. If you want to improve and automate your content ingestion processes, if you want to dedicate you employees to added value tasks, if you want to be able to lower your risks, get in touch with us and we’ll help you with your pains.