Red Reply for Tecnocasa

Tecnocasa, the largest Real Estate Group at Italian and European level with over 2,700 real estate and credit mediation agencies operating in 8 countries, collaborated with Red Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in consulting services and in the design and implementation of solutions based on Oracle technology, for the cloud migration project that involved the company’s end-to-end information system, from the operational system to the analytical component.

With the high level of innovation, the project has been awarded by Oracle with the Cloud Hero Award 2017. Tecnocasa was essentially the first company to bring the whole information system to Cloud through Oracle suite, using a series of cutting-edge tools such as Exadata Cloud Service, Data Integration Cloud Service and Analytics Cloud Service, integrated with the Business Intelligence suite.

Cloud benefits

The reasons why Tecnocasa chose to move its infrastructure to the Cloud are the greater flexibility of both the server size and the related services, such as database and business intelligence, the costs directly correlated to the effective use of services provided and the best technological and safety performances. The specific features of Tecnocasa’s data center have made the system reengineering process complex, but necessary. It included a large, distributed and heterogeneous infrastructure with more than 250 nodes, a personalized mail system containing about 8,000 accounts and more than 30 applications.

Migration process

Recognizing Red Reply’s support, Tecnocasa has completed the complex migration process in a very short time, ensuring complete synchronization between the various instances and the total integrity of the data that was previously present in the system. The solution was built acknowledging a set of integrated tools: Oracle IaaS Compute Service was used to migrate the infrastructure, joining the containers to ensure scalability and transparency at the same time. The database migration was managed through Exadata Cloud Service and a set of scripts was implemented to automate the calculation operations.

Cloud management of the IT system enables the flexibility and reactivity required by Tecnocasa's business model, highly variable as it is based on the inclusion of different applications in the system. The added value brought to the business by this solution is therefore very high, built with the possibility of reducing management costs and improving the performance of the infrastructure, in the strong and innovative environment of the Cloud.