The Oracle Autonomous Database changing the game in Data Management

The Red Reply point of view

What’s new?

Oracle introduced a new data management system which can be regarded as  world’s first "self-driving" database: the Oracle Autonomous Database. This new solution is based on these Oracle technologies: the Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition, that drives performance to the next level with autonomous mechanism, the pre-existing Oracle Exadata, as the deployment platform, and the Oracle Cloud Automated Database.

99.995% of service reliability and availability: no downtime!

Thanks to the SLA, the Oracle Autonomous Database One guarantees 99.995% of service reliability and availability which simplifies human intervention for activities like monitoring, security, backup, recover, troubleshoot and performance tuning. In this way, the new Oracle Database is able to support customers in becoming autonomous, that is to reduce the need of intervention of a specialised professional figure for standard maintenance activities and database management. In this way, the new Oracle Cloud technology enable businesses to drastically reduce costs and efficiently increase productivity. In fact, the Oracle Autonomous Database automatically upgrades, patches, increases or decreases of the CPUs numbers and tunes itself while running, with no downtimes required. The whole system permits to maximize the security level, since human errors are reduced, security patches are automatically applied and data encrypted.

Machine Learning, the Autonomous milestone

In order to be really autonomous, Oracle implemented Machine Learning in this new Database. Machine Learning makes possible to optimize automatically queries. In fact, through different algorithms, the Oracle Autonomous Database is able to identify the execution plan and how to allocate resources efficiently. Once the same workload is requested, the Database will analyse the previous process followed and study if there is another path possible, how to minimise timing and resources and then start to solve the query in a more efficient way. Because of this continuous learning process, the Database is continuously query tuning itself and make processes more and more efficient. Thanks to Machine Learning exploited in the Oracle Autonomous Database, businesses perform at their very best and allow their workforces, as the Database administrators and Back-end developers, to focus on more complex and transversal tasks, as the optimisation database application and the data model revision.

Why a business should choose the Oracle Autonomous Database? Let’s crunch some numbers!

Red Reply, Oracle Cloud MSP Partner, in order to understand the real benefit of the new Oracle Database,  analysed two different scenarios to compare the execution times and the performance data (CPU, I/O) detected on an analytical workload typical of a Database, performed on two different environments: Oracle Autonomous Database and a Managed Database Cloud Service.
The Oracle Autonomous Database has been analyzed in 2 different services, Low Service provides least resources with the highest concurrency, High service provides highest resources, lowest concurrency. Let’s have a look at the results!

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Even with less OCPU, the Oracle Autonomous Database is drastically MORE PERFOMANT.
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The Oracle Autonomous Database is on average 6 TIMES FASTER than the managed one.
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By setting the same number of OCPUs between the two environments, the difference in terms of performance becomes even more pronounced: over 7 TIMES more performing on average.

Moreover, Red Reply analysed how to get the best of both worlds, by putting the Oracle Autonomous Database in collaboration with “managed” Databases, in order to exploit the best practices of the second one. As a result, customers can perform at their very best.

7 reasons why going Autonomous

Red Reply, after analyzing and compering the potentiality of the Oracle Autonomous Database, thinks that a company that needs to manage more Databases at once without any downtime or error should choose this new “self-driving” solution because:
1- it runs on an engineered hardware for its features;
2- it works 24/7, even though if the Oracle Autonomous Database patches or upgrades;
3- it implements Machine Learning in order to optimize queries;
4- it’s a flexible solution and permits to easily manage data;
5- it storages up to 128 CPUs and 128TB of space;
6- it’s a Cloud solution, no need to develop an on-premise Database;
7- it’s Autonomous, for real!