Visibility and Zero-Trust Security across your entire Server Infrastructure

The problem

Businesses’ Network and Service infrastructure landscape is changing. Long gone are the days where your network security came first and application security second. Today, the success of many organisations depends on the ability to provide users, and customers with fast, reliable and secure access to business services across a variety of platforms. Additionally, the growing complexity of modern computer networks means managing endpoints, establishing traditional security perimeters and tracking resources is time consuming and prone to errors for any enterprise. Coupled with an ever-changing threat landscape, regulatory requirements and compliance objectives, it can be easy for businesses to feel overwhelmed.

The solution

At Net Reply we specialise in software defined networking solutions for any size, scale or budget regardless of whether your infrastructure is on or off-premise, virtual, cloud, containerised or any combination of the above. We offer our customers tailored solutions based on the latest technologies to enhance network visibility and application resources, monitor security and ensure segmentation compliance across their entire estate, delivering piece of mind that business applications are providing the best and most secure user experience possible.

A network security checklist

To determine where your company stands now in terms of network security, we’d ask you:
Are you, or anyone else in your organisation able to answer the following questions?
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    Best Practices

    How do you enforce server/application best practices?

    There are many possible approaches to enforcing best practices and the challenge comes in selecting, implementing and demonstrating adherence to security policies. Striking the right balance between security, usability and reliability is key.

    How do you maintain infrastructure security in a multi/hybrid cloud environment?

    Perimeter level security is no longer sufficient, zero-trust models have traditionally been problematic and time consuming to implement, and datacentres can seem like a black box for many organisations. When moving infrastructure to the cloud, one must maintain the same security posture as though those resources were still located on-premise and with an armed guard on the door.

  • Process and Traffic Insight

    How do you track server communications?

    Knowing the dependencies and interdependencies of your server traffic provides an excellent insight into performance, utilisation and much more. Better yet, knowing exactly who talks to who, how, when, and for how long will help you to diagnose and resolve network issues before users even realise there is a problem. And if your business is undertaking a cloud migration transformation strategy, having exact interdependencies and security rulesets to examine will increase confidence new services that are fully secured, wherever they are migrated to.

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    Compliance and Auditability

    How do you provide auditors with proof that services are segmented?

    Whether it’s to satisfy external regulatory compliance or as part of an internal strategy, demonstrating your segmentation policy can be a crucial aspect of your enterprise IT operations.
    How do you maintain offline copies of your infrastructure?

    Many organisations will have depreciated topology documentation that have not been maintained. What if Compliance, Segmentation and Server Vulnerability information were readily available and automatically updated to always reflect your current infrastructure via a simple single pane of glass? Can you imagine never having to conduct a manual audit again?

  • Forensic Intelligence

    “Current Security best practice is to assume your systems have already been compromised”. With that being the case, how do you conduct incident response and what is your mean time to recovery? Providing incident responders with accurate, evidence based and simple to follow information can significantly expedite remediation and recovery. Instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack, what if instead the haystack pushed out the needle?

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    Security strategy

    Does your business follow a proactive or reactive approach to maintaining security?

    Hopefully the answer is both, but chances are the methods used will have limitations, whether that’s due to cumbersome tools, outdated signatures or restricted visibility. The tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers are constantly evolving, therefore, to maintain security, businesses approach and systems must be able to keep pace with the advancing threat.

Key benefits of Net Reply Service approach

Net Reply helps you to secure your infrastructure without compromising on agility. This begins with baselining good policy and communications then the set-up of alerts based on abnormal activity (privilege escalation, potential data leaks/exfiltration, unrecognised binaries etc). Reply can minimise lateral movement, reduce attack surfaces, and quickly identify and respond to indicators of compromise minimising any potential. Furthermore providing services which allows businesses to proactively discover unused/underutilised server resources whilst diagnosing and resolving network performance and security issues with certainty. Whilst dynamic documentation of segmentation policy enforcement increases auditability and transparency.

For further information about how Net Reply can help to improve the security landscape in your business, don’t hesitate to contact us: