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Basic Share Data



ISIN codeIT0005282865
Market segmentSTAR
Number of shares37.411.428
Nominal value0,13
Share capital4.863.486
Voting rightsEach ordinary share carries voting rights at the shareholders' meeting (except ordinary treasury shares on which voting rights are suspended in accordance with the law). The Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting on 13 Sept. 2017 approved the introduction of double voting rights. The new Articles of Association provide for the assignment of two votes for each ordinary share held by the same shareholder for an ongoing period of at least 24 months from the date of entry in a specific list created by Reply. Further information is to be found here.
IndicesFTSE All-Share Capped, FTSE Italia All-Share, FTSE Italia STAR, FTSE Italia Mid Cap, FTSE Italia Tecnologia
Reporting standardIFRS
End of financial year31 December
SpecialistIntermonte SIM SpA
AnalystsBanca Akros, Intermonte, Kepler Cheuvreux, Mediobanca, Twice Research
AuditorReconta Ernst & Young S.p.A.

Yearly statistics

Share price (Euro) 20172016201520142013
Year end46,1729,5031,4815,2314,23
Trading volume20172016201520142013
Traded shares14.894.2009.419.30011.448.20014.344.00014.819.800
Daily average57.10036.10043.90055.20058.808
Number of shares37.411.42837.411.42837.411.42837.231.42836.891.428
Free float (in %)52,8042.0042.0043.1042.10
Market capitalization (Euro millions) 1.727,30 1,103.601,177.50569.60529.62


(in euro)

Number of shares37.411.42837.411.42837.411.42837.231.42836.891.428
Dividend per share0,350,290,250,21250,18
Operating result per share3,042,662,422,161,72
Net result per share2,081,811,521,280,95
Cash flow per share1,962,121,191,331,19
Shareholders' equity per share10,739,007,906,735,69

For comparison purposes all figures related to the nominal value of the Reply share have been rebased in order to reflect the share splic conducted in 2017

Share capital

Number of shares as at 1st January37.411.4289,352,8579,352,8579,307,8579,222,857
Exercised stock options00045,00085,000
Number of shares as at 31th December 37.411.4289,352,8579,352,8579,352,8579,307,857
Nominal value (Euro)0,1320,520,520,520,52

Structure of equity (Euro thousand)

Share capital4.8634,8634,8634,8634,840
Other reserves318.6706264,610233,815199,135172,519
Group net income77.87167,54456,74847,90934,450
Group shareholders' equity401.404337,017295,425251,908211,809
Not controlling interest668520653936799
SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY402.072337,537286,079252,843212,608