27.04.2017 / Office 365

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New Office 365 tools added by Microsoft

Those IT professionals within an organisation who are responsible for overseeing the management of Office 365 Groups will now have three new tools to help them with this, following the announcement of their release by Microsoft.

24.04.2017 / SharePoint

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Positive evaluation for SharePoint in Forrester report

The latest edition of the annual report published by Forrester, a company that collaborates with tech and enterprise leaders to create strategies focused on customers and business growth, has provided good news for Microsoft and its SharePoint Server.

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Case Study

A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach.

07.04.2017 / Office 365

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Brand new Office 365 updates released by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the commercial release of two new products for its Office 365 enterprise suite, with these being called Advanced Data Governance and Threat Intelligence respectively.

04.04.2017 / SharePoint

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Connected workplace to be emphasised by SharePoint Summit

It is anticipated that Microsoft will make use of the upcoming SharePoint Summit, which has been scheduled for May 16th, to outline in more detail what its future plans are for this server.

30.03.2017 / SharePoint

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New site creation choice added to SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that those enterprises operating its SharePoint Server 2013 within their internal data centres will now have the option of directing site creation instructions from users to the Office 365 services.

27.03.2017 / Microsoft, Office 365, Teams

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Microsoft Office 365 now has Teams feature

Microsoft has announced that its new Teams feature has now gone live and has been made part of the software firm’s popular Office 365 suite, becoming available to those customers who have signed up to the right business plan.

24.03.2017 / Office 365

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Microsoft commercial customers can now access Visio Online

Microsoft has confirmed that its Visio Online app for diagramming can now be accessed by those commercial customers already using the Office 365 suite.

22.03.2017 / SharePoint, Microsoft

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SharePoint team news upgraded by Microsoft

Microsoft has now started to implement a number of its planned improvements to the user experience for SharePoint Online, with users of the Office 365 suite being the ones to benefit from these first upgrades.

20.03.2017 / SME, app, adoption

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New research shows SME app adoption increasing

The latest report published by software firm Clutch indicates that the deployment of mobile business apps among small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) is rising rapidly, with the study finding that 42% of them were building their own apps.

16.03.2017 / SharePoint Framework

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SharePoint Framework release gives developers new options

SharePoint Framework, which is perhaps the update that has been the most heavily anticipated by those in the developing sector, has now been released on a general basis by Microsoft.


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New tech centre to be opened by Dyson

Dyson has announced that it will be launching a new UK tech centre for development and research, which will be the second such facility it has opened, forming part of its plans to establish itself as a future technologies pioneer.

09.03.2017 / Applications, booking

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Booking Assistance App Wins New Funding

Booksy, the enterprise app that allows companies to deal with bookings online, has announced that it has secured financing of $4.2m.

06.03.2017 / Technology, Business

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New UK jobs offered by Amazon

Amazon has become the latest tech firm to show that it remains committed to the UK, as it announced plans for more staff and a programme for apprentices.

04.03.2017 / Business Applications

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Most businesses using 10 or more mobile apps

The latest report published by MobileIron has revealed that close to 80% of businesses are currently deploying over 10 different mobile enterprise apps as part of their regular business practices.


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Visa launches new tech centre in London

Payments giant Visa has set up a brand new tech hub in London, which is set to be used for the application of innovative technologies – including biometrics, virtual reality and the Internet of Things – to the company’s payments services.

01.03.2017 / Microsoft, Delve, Office 365

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Office 365 Delve upgrades coming from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a series of upgrades to the Delve application that forms part of its Office 365 suite. These have been designed to provide businesses with more accurate, tailored search results.

28.02.2017 / SharePoint, Microsoft Office

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OnePlaceMail for SharePoint now available

The Microsoft Office Store now has a new enterprise app available called OnePlaceMail for SharePoint Online. This has been created by OnePlace Solutions, with the aim of addressing the issue of retrieving and storing key business data within SharePoint.

25.02.2017 / Technology, finance

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New finance technology centre set to open in Edinburgh

A new centre focusing on finance technology, which has the support of both the Scottish and UK governments, will be opening in three months’ time within the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Entrepreneurial Spark base.

23.02.2017 / App, Blackberry, telecommunications

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BBM to be provided to app developers by BlackBerry

Canadian software firm BlackBerry Ltd has announced that it will be making its BBM cloud-based tools for messaging available to developers of enterprise apps and software.