22.06.2017 / Power BI

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Power BI dashboard previewed by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it will be making its new tool for visualisation, which it is calling Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in Power BI, available to enterprise IT professionals in preview form.

19.06.2017 / Microsoft Updates

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Summer updates scheduled by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it is planning to roll out a series of updates that are designed to improve enterprise collaboration on its OneDrive platform and assist enterprises in using SharePoint for internal communications, with the summer of this year having been pencilled in for the launch of these

15.06.2017 / SharePoint, Employees, Tips

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Four SharePoint tips you can’t afford to not know

There are moments in all of our working lives where something just clicks, opening our eyes to a small but radical new way of working. Usually those light bulb moments are simple things like figuring out what conditional formatting in Excel actually means, or the first time we discover miracle tools like the format brush in Word.

05.06.2017 / Data Centres, Microsoft, Africa

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Microsoft to up its presence in Africa

Two data centres are to be opened in South Africa by Microsoft, as the software giant looks to bring increased cloud computing and Office 365 availability to businesses in the country and continent.

01.06.2017 / SharePoint, Support

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Better personalised search support coming for SharePoint

The webcast Microsoft broadcast as part of its SharePoint Virtual Summit, which was held earlier this month, saw officials from the tech firm provide a preview of its upcoming features and updates for SharePoint.

30.05.2017 / SharePoint Online, Microsoft

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URL path lengths for SharePoint Online expanded by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that the subscribers to both its OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online programs will find that the maximum available path lengths for their URLs have been expanded.

24.05.2017 / Office 365, Microsoft

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Office 365 updates issued by Microsoft

Given the tremendous level of importance that Office 365 still has for Microsoft, and due to its status as a key part of its ‘mobile first, cloud first’ approach to the development of productivity solutions, it is not surprising that it was heavily featured at the recent developers’ conference organised by the software giant – Build 2017.

23.05.2017 / Microsoft, Workflows


Fall in love with Workflows

If you're looking for some help and support with workflows, come along to share stories, make new connections and gain new tips.

17.05.2017 / Fashion, Technology

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White City emerging as Silicon Roundabout rival

The White City area of London is set to emerge as a genuine rival to the capital's current technology hotbed, Silicon Roundabout, with a number of new media and tech companies setting up for business there.

16.05.2017 / Business, Article 50, Technology

Press Article

The Corporate Jigsaw Puzzle

2016 was a bumper year for M&As, the second largest since the downturn. In the words of the Financial Times’s Arash Massoudi, “the deals just keep on coming.”

15.05.2017 / Dynamcis 365

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Dynamics 365 added to Microsoft’s UK data centre

Microsoft is moving to expand its cloud offering within the UK, through the release of Dynamics 365, with this solution set to be available from its UK data centres alongside Office 365 and Azure.

11.05.2017 / Office 365

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Microsoft puts education at forefront of Office 365

At a May 2nd event held in New York City, Microsoft announced that it plans to offer a more education-focused Office 365 free of charge to teachers and students worldwide.

11.05.2017 / London


Fall in love with Microsoft Teams

Professionals interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams are invited to join WM Reply at our Fall in love with Microsoft Teams event on Thursday 18th March at the Solar Lab at the Reply Office in Victoria, London.

03.05.2017 / Office 365

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Office services to be reviewed by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be removing access to some features of its Office 2016 service, notably the business forms of Skype and OneDrive, as of the close of this decade – as it bids to get more of its users to adopt cloud services.

03.05.2017 / WM Reply

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HR Aliens: The Workers Who Came In from the Cold

How do you feel about remote working? Given that more than 4.2 million Britons (14% of the workforce) regularly work remotely, and that the percentage of the office-based workforce that 'telecommute' is forecast to grow to 60% by 2022, it’s an inescapable question. Yet it seems very likely that your answer will vary depending on whether you are a remote worker or an office-based manager, as the debate over productivity, control and loyalty rages on.

27.04.2017 / Office 365

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New Office 365 tools added by Microsoft

Those IT professionals within an organisation who are responsible for overseeing the management of Office 365 Groups will now have three new tools to help them with this, following the announcement of their release by Microsoft.

24.04.2017 / SharePoint

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Positive evaluation for SharePoint in Forrester report

The latest edition of the annual report published by Forrester, a company that collaborates with tech and enterprise leaders to create strategies focused on customers and business growth, has provided good news for Microsoft and its SharePoint Server.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach.

07.04.2017 / Office 365

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Brand new Office 365 updates released by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the commercial release of two new products for its Office 365 enterprise suite, with these being called Advanced Data Governance and Threat Intelligence respectively.

04.04.2017 / SharePoint

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Connected workplace to be emphasised by SharePoint Summit

It is anticipated that Microsoft will make use of the upcoming SharePoint Summit, which has been scheduled for May 16th, to outline in more detail what its future plans are for this server.

30.03.2017 / SharePoint

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New site creation choice added to SharePoint 2013

Microsoft has confirmed that those enterprises operating its SharePoint Server 2013 within their internal data centres will now have the option of directing site creation instructions from users to the Office 365 services.