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13.12.2017 / Windows 10 upgrade

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Free upgrade to Windows 10 will end soon

Microsoft has finally announced its plans to end the Windows 10 free upgrade option by December 31, 2017.

11.12.2017 / Microsoft HoloLens

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Microsoft HoloLens now available in 39 countries

Since the launch of the Microsoft HoloLens three years ago, the product has gained the approval of developers and commercial customers alike. The HoloLens is now on the shelves of 29 new European markets, making it available in a total of 39 countries.

08.12.2017 / Microsoft

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Microsoft reveals plans to launch games streaming services

Microsoft has recently shifted the company’s attention away from developing and selling hardware; instead, the technology giant is focusing on evolving their services and software to better serve their customers.

07.12.2017 / Microsoft 365 Business

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Microsoft launches 365 Business in Australia and New Zealand

As part of the global launching of Microsoft 365 Business, the product has now arrived on the shores of Australia and New Zealand.

02.11.2017 / Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for Business

Microsoft has announced plans to replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams as its key workplace collaboration platform.

01.11.2017 / Microsoft

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Microsoft announces big plans to tackle quantum computing

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Microsoft Ignite Conference 2017 at the end of September was when Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella stated the big words ‘quantum computing’.

31.10.2017 / Microsoft

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Microsoft introduces new classroom solution

As part of the series of announcements at the Microsoft Ignite Conference 2017, Microsoft rolled out a single and affordable package to better serve its education customers.

30.10.2017 / Microsoft 365

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Microsoft improves 365 subscription bundles, targets frontline workers

A new suite of Microsoft 365, known as Microsoft 365 F1, has recently been launched at Ignite 2017, the annual Microsoft conference for IT professionals and software developers. During the event in Orlando, significant announcements of new technology were made, including the introduction of new software bundles for the Microsoft 365 suite.

20.10.2017 / Microsoft Ignite 2017

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Our Top Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite 2017

For those who don't know, Microsoft Ignite is the Disney World of IT networking conferences, which is why Orlando was the perfect host for this year's event. Ignite was especially exciting for us at WM reply; not only did we have one of our senior Technical Consultants, James Mace, in attendance, but we also had our Change and Engagement pioneer, Baxter Willis, give a talk at the event with one of our biggest advocates, Ruth Kirkup of Diageo.

26.09.2017 / Mac office 365

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Mac Office 365 toolbar app launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced it is releasing a brand new toolbar app designed for the Mac operating system, and which can be plugged directly into Office 365 – with the name of this application being ‘My Workspace’.

22.09.2017 / Microsoft partnership

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Adobe-Microsoft partnership brings e-signatures

Microsoft has announced the strategic link-up it has established with fellow software provider Adobe will be expanding, with the aim of driving collaborative working and e-signatures among cloud-based work groups.

20.09.2017 / Office 365

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Microsoft releases new collaborative updates for Office 365

Microsoft has announced the release of a new batch of Office 365 updates and the software giant’s focus this time around is on adding features designed to help organisations with team-working and collaboration.

31.08.2017 / Office 365

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Office 365 log-in redesign experiences hiccups

A revamp of the sign-in portal for Office 365 Microsoft has been rolling out to customers over a period of weeks has created unexpected issues, with some people unable to access it.

25.08.2017 / SharePoint

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SharePoint mobile app support provided by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed the new feature called Communication Site it launched for SharePoint will be getting support for each of the mobile apps, alongside some enhancements to its list capability.

22.08.2017 / Microsoft 365 Business

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Public preview of Microsoft 365 Business now available

The preview version of the new product Microsoft 365 Business has now been made available to customers on a widespread basis, with the tech giant having launched it on the scheduled date of August 2.

19.08.2017 / Office 365

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Latest batch of Office 365 updates completed by Microsoft

As in previous months, Microsoft launched a series of updates for its popular Office 365 suite that were staggered throughout the month of July.

15.08.2017 / Kaizala

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India gets new Microsoft app

Microsoft India has announced the official launch of a brand new app for the enterprise market that has been built to help its clients increase their productivity.

11.08.2017 / Office 365

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Microsoft on-premise sales eclipsed by Office 365

The results that Microsoft announced for the most recent financial quarter show that the software company has taken a major step forward when it comes to its cloud services, as the sales of the Office 365 suite have now eclipsed licenses for its on-premise services for the first ever time.

07.08.2017 / SharePoint

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eDiscovery U-turn confirmed by Microsoft

Having announced back during the spring of this year that it was intending to prevent people creating fresh SharePoint Admin Centre and Exchange Admin Centre searches that are specific to workloads, Microsoft has now undergone a change of heart.

04.08.2017 / Microsoft e-books

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Microsoft makes millions of e-books available for free

A free giveaway has become something of a tradition for Microsoft, but the tech giant has truly surpassed itself this year by making a larger collection of key materials available for free download than at any time in the past.

31.07.2017 / Office 365

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Office 365 and Windows 10 combined by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a brand new product targeted at enterprise customers of all different sizes, and that brings together the different capabilities of its Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions – as well as offering a number of new ones for business management and security.