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15.08.2017 / Kaizala

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India gets new Microsoft app

Microsoft India has announced the official launch of a brand new app for the enterprise market that has been built to help its clients increase their productivity.

11.08.2017 / Office 365

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Microsoft on-premise sales eclipsed by Office 365

The results that Microsoft announced for the most recent financial quarter show that the software company has taken a major step forward when it comes to its cloud services, as the sales of the Office 365 suite have now eclipsed licenses for its on-premise services for the first ever time.

07.08.2017 / SharePoint

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eDiscovery U-turn confirmed by Microsoft

Having announced back during the spring of this year that it was intending to prevent people creating fresh SharePoint Admin Centre and Exchange Admin Centre searches that are specific to workloads, Microsoft has now undergone a change of heart.

04.08.2017 / Microsoft e-books

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Microsoft makes millions of e-books available for free

A free giveaway has become something of a tradition for Microsoft, but the tech giant has truly surpassed itself this year by making a larger collection of key materials available for free download than at any time in the past.

31.07.2017 / Office 365

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Office 365 and Windows 10 combined by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a brand new product targeted at enterprise customers of all different sizes, and that brings together the different capabilities of its Windows 10 and Office 365 solutions – as well as offering a number of new ones for business management and security.

27.07.2017 / SharePoint Online

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Communication Site for SharePoint Online goes into preview

Microsoft has announced that its latest new solution designed to improve the experience of deploying SharePoint Online, which is called Communication Site, is set to be issued in preview form to those customers who are signed up to the ‘first release’ Office 365 plan.

24.07.2017 / Office 365

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New app for Office 365 launched by Microsoft

A brand new feature has been launched by Microsoft that will be available to business customers of its widely-used Office 365 suite, and which is intended to help enterprises boost the overall productivity levels of those they have working for them.

21.07.2017 / Azure, Office 365

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New certification for Office 365 and Azure

The ongoing corporate struggle taking place between Microsoft and Amazon Web Services to gain control of the cloud computing sector in Australia has seen Microsoft move ahead, with the news that several of its products have won Australian Signals Directorate security certification.

19.07.2017 / Microsoft Stream

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Microsoft Stream gets a full release

Microsoft has officially announced the full release of its new video service for enterprises.

18.07.2017 / SharePoint

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If you build it, they will come

SharePoint can be a revolution in internal communications, productivity and engagement. It can be the foundation upon which a strong business culture thrives.

14.07.2017 / Office 365

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Office 365 update changes detailed by Microsoft

When Microsoft announced plans earlier this year to change the Windows 10 update schedule to twice yearly – with the aim of making it easier for businesses – this attracted so much attention that it distracted from the software giant’s plans for Office 365. However, the company also revealed new ideas for the updating of this product.

12.07.2017 / CSP, Office 365

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CSP program expands beyond Office 365

When Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) was given a full launch by Microsoft the firm started to add more of its products into the mix, but sales of Office 365 have always been the main source of revenues from CSP. This could be set to change.

10.07.2017 / SharePoint Online

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SharePoint Online metadata navigation arrives

Microsoft has now confirmed that the new capabilities for metadata navigation that it trailed during last month’s SharePoint Virtual Summit are being added to SharePoint Library and List pages this month.

07.07.2017 / SharePoint, OneDrive, Updates

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SharePoint and OneDrive get new updates

Microsoft has announced that it is releasing a series of updates designed to improve the experience of its customers when it comes to the sharing of folders and files from SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

06.07.2017 / Windows Store Office

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Windows Store Office released by Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that the comprehensive versions of its Office suite of apps are now available for purchase from the Windows 10 Store, having received their official release on June 15.

05.07.2017 / Video

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Unleash your own Communication Revolution

Video is everywhere. It’s dominating our social feeds, it’s taking over news websites, it’s even replacing the indomitable RFP as companies experiment with new and engaging ways to tender for business. It’s no wonder Cisco predicts that 80% of virtual content will be video inside of two years.

22.06.2017 / Power BI

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Power BI dashboard previewed by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it will be making its new tool for visualisation, which it is calling Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in Power BI, available to enterprise IT professionals in preview form.

19.06.2017 / Microsoft Updates

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Summer updates scheduled by Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it is planning to roll out a series of updates that are designed to improve enterprise collaboration on its OneDrive platform and assist enterprises in using SharePoint for internal communications, with the summer of this year having been pencilled in for the launch of these

15.06.2017 / SharePoint, Employees, Tips

News & Communication

Four SharePoint tips you can’t afford to not know

There are moments in all of our working lives where something just clicks, opening our eyes to a small but radical new way of working. Usually those light bulb moments are simple things like figuring out what conditional formatting in Excel actually means, or the first time we discover miracle tools like the format brush in Word.

05.06.2017 / Data Centres, Microsoft, Africa

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Microsoft to up its presence in Africa

Two data centres are to be opened in South Africa by Microsoft, as the software giant looks to bring increased cloud computing and Office 365 availability to businesses in the country and continent.

01.06.2017 / SharePoint, Support

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Better personalised search support coming for SharePoint

The webcast Microsoft broadcast as part of its SharePoint Virtual Summit, which was held earlier this month, saw officials from the tech firm provide a preview of its upcoming features and updates for SharePoint.