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Avantage Reply and Xuccess Reply's Risk & Regulatory Academy

The Academy will provide continual training and education for our staff members in our twelve offices in Europe and the United States and is also open to clients.​​

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Avantage Reply releases the 2nd Edition of the CRO Insights Journal

The first edition of the CRO Insights Journal focused on the growing role of the Risk Function and how CROs' responsibilities have evolved in response to the crisis. We are now delighted to present our second edition which captures the nature of risk in an increasingly complex economic landscape.

Financial Platform



Definio Reply™ is an integrated platform capable of addressing the needs of management, analysis, reporting and logging of financial assets. The target customers of the Definio Reply™ solution have as their objective the active management and monitoring of financial portfolios.​

The integration of the financial database with the asset database makes Definio Reply™ a viable and complete alternative to vertical portals. ​




23.11.2016 / London


Annual Risk & Regulatory Symposium

On Wednesday 23 November 2016​, Avantage Reply hosts its second Annual Risk & Regulatory​ Symposium. The event takes place at Crown Plaza in London.​

26.09.2016 / Risk.net

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Banks plan risk factor exclusion to avoid FRTB surcharge

Banks are considering excluding risk factors deemed immaterial from their risk models as a way to avoid a capital charge add-on for hard-to-model risks under the new trading book capital rules, but the strategy could be derailed by the will of regulators or by failing the internal models test.​

19.10.2016 / Risk & Regulatory Hackathon


What if a bank was failing?

STUDENT RISK & REGULATORY HACKATHON is a E​uropean student live challenge, offering students from 5 cities in Europe the opportunity to work for one day on generating innovative solutions to a failing bank. The event will be open to all students from HEC Liege, Imperial London College, VU Amsterdam, Luiss in Rome and students from Manheim University and Frankfurt School of Finance.

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06.10.2016 / Amsterdam


Fintech & Risk Management

The world of FinTech has the potential to transform the Financial Services industry. What does this mean, and what are the implications for Risk Managers?​​

21.06.2016 - 22.06.2016 / Rome


ABI Risk & Supervision event

On Monday and Tuesday ​21 and 22 June 2016, Avantage Reply will give a presentation on ​Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting at the Risk & Supervision event organised by the Italian Banking Association.

Regulatory challenges

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Financial Services Outlook 2016 - Overview of the key challenges for firms in 2016

2016 promises to be another challenging year with more extensive regulatory involvement and further disruption of existing business models. Whilst financial industry firms will continue to rebuild their balance sheets and implement new regulations designed to strengthen standards for a simpler and safer industry, this year will bring additional challenges of dealing with new entrants, including fintech companies, and the necessity of business restructuring and portfolio rebalancing to achieve viable capital and cost bases.​

Financial Services Outlook 2016 - Overview of the key challenges for firms in 2016 0

18.05.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

Press Article

Basel heaps more pressure on derivatives

"​The title of one of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (BCBS) consultative documents pretty much sums up its attitude towards internal models as the cost of capital for using derivatives and certain asset classes continues to ratchet-up". Sergio Gianni and Dean Mitchell, Partners with Avantage Reply, answer the questions from the Global Risk Regulator.

25.05.2016 / Liege


33rd International Conference of the French Finance Association

On May 25, 2016, Avantage Reply sponsors the 33rd International Conference of the French Finance Association. ​The French Finance Association Conference is one of the main European conferences in finance. The Conference gives researchers the opportunity to present their research work and exchange ideas.

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EDTF guidelines for IFRS 9 impairment-related disclosures

In 2012, the Financial Stability Board set up the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (”EDTF”), which focused on the quality, comparability and transparency of these disclosures, particularly those flowing from IFRS 9 and US GAAP changes in Expected Credit Loss (“ECL”) approaches. In December 2015, the EDTF issued detailed guidance, including templates, for the requirements relating to changes in disclosures under the IFRS's new ECL regime. 

Risk Data Aggregation & Risk Reporting

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Achieving BCBS 239 compliance

The paper provides an overview of the BCBS 239, including its objectives and requirements, along with some of the stumbling blocks identified by the surveyed G-SIBs and D-SIBs so far. Finally, the paper identifies key areas for successful BCBS 239 compliance, and looks at how banks can use the requirements outlined in the principles to their competitive advantage.

Achieving BCBS 239 compliance  0

11.05.2016 / London


FRTB Breakfast Clinic

To overcome the challenges of imple​mentation, the British Bankers’ Association in association with Avantage Reply are running a series of unique FRTB and CVA peer to peer breakfast clinics.​

04.05.2016 / Rome


ABI event on Banks’ Pain Management

On Wednesday 4th May 2016, Avantage Reply holds a speech titled AnaCredit - tools, solvency organizational models to the next ABI event on bank’s pain management.

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Securitisation at a crossroad? Major recast of the regulatory framework

In September 2015, the European Commission released the​ Securitisation Initiative. On one hand, it establishes a common framework for all regulated financial institutions in Europe and defines the concept of a simple, transparent and standardised, or STS, securitisation. On the other hand, it implements in Europe the Basel III securitisation framework – finalized by the Basel Committee in December 2014 – but with a twist as STS securitisations qualify for a preferential treatment in the form of reduced capital charges.​

04.05.2016 / Amsterdam


FRTB Masterclass

On Wednesday 4th May 2016, Avantage Reply hosts a FRTB Masterclass. The session will provide an in-depth insight into latest developments.

26.04.2016 / London


Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016

Sytel Reply takes part in "Enterprise Security & Risk Management 2016"​, the UK’s leading event for the discussion of Information security, cyber security and risk management across every business sector, now in its fifth edition.

Outsourcing Risk

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This report takes stock of the evolving regulatory requirements and industry practices in the Eurozone and the UK, focusing on outsourcing by custodian banks, depositary banks and asset servicing companies (referred to collectively in this report as ‘custodian banks’ for the sake of readability). The intention is to provide an overview of outsourcing in the current environment and to convey an understanding of the trajectory of outsourcing practices, regulation and supervision. 


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EBA Shadow Banking Limits - How will your firm be affected?

On the 14th of December 2015, the European Banking Authority (“EBA”) issued final guidelines for Limits on exposures to shadow banking entities, outlining how financial institutions are to manage limits on shadow banking exposures, effective from 1st January 2017.​


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Avantage Reply and Xuccess Reply sign a Global Partnership with PRMIA

Avantage Reply and ​Xuccess Reply announce a Global Partnership with PRMIA for 2016 and onwards. This as a result of having sponsored a variety of events at local chapters of PRMIA across several countries over a number of years.​

21.01.2016 / Paris


ACPR, EBA and ECB: the new Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP)

On January 21, 2016, PRMIA, with the collaboration of Avantage Reply, hosts a briefing session on the new Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP). Avantage Reply will have the honour to welcome Mr. Frederic Vinovsky, Deputy Secretary General at the ACPR.