21.04.2016 / IoT Now

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Blockchain and the IoT, hype or reality?

Every so often a technology concept appears, seemingly out of nowhere, that might be said to challenge the existing paradigm. The latest new idea to start filtering into the IoT community’s collective mind involves the application of Blockchain technologies to the IoT/M2M world​. Matthew Coward, Manager at Sytel Reply, explains how Reply is defining and leading the relationship between the blockchain and IoT.

04.04.2016 / Information Age

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A Retailer's guide to Cyber security

Retail is in the top five most frequently targeted industries when it comes to cyber-attacks. Daren Ward, Partner at Retail Reply, examines top information security threats faced by the retail sector and the trends resulting from them.​

29.03.2016 / Digital Marketing Magazine

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Give your customers "MeCommerce" not eCommerce

Retailers should use​ business data to provide customers with relevant, contextualised digital experiences which truly deliver the potential and ethos of the brand. In this context, MeCommerce has a clear aspiration: to ensure that customers are pampered individually through bespoke and personal one-to-one relationships and experiences, making them both engage in a brand’s values, while feeling a unique part of the brand’s world.​

07.03.2016 / Customer Experience Magazine

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Five Customer Experience Trends to Turn Into Reality

Customer experience seems to be the hot topic for business wishing to compete on more than just brand, product and price. Dominic Stinton, Partner at Open Reply​, describes his top five trend predictions for how customer experience delivery will evolve in the near future.

28.02.2016 / Cointelegraph

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How Bitcoin Disrupts Telecommunications?

The Blockchain has begun to disrupt not only the financial sector, but also the telecommunications sector. Using Reply’s expertise in the Blockchain technology and Software Defined Networking, Sytel Reply has created a brand new and powerful system, Securechain,​ to provide security, scalability and auditability to future networks.​

23.02.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

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Banks still question new trading book rules

Although the Basel Committee has sought to pare back the capital impact of the fundamental ​review of the trading book,specific asset classes could suffer. Avantage Reply was interviewed by the Global Risk Regulator.​​​

04.02.2016 / FX-MM

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Blockchain: Transforming correspondent banking

Blockchain technology’s potential in changing the banking processes has created a dilemma for financial institutions uncertain of how best to use the exciting new technology. The article is focusing on the aspects that will be positively affected by the adoption of the Blockchain technology. The feature displays the voice of the most prominent experts of the field, including Fausto Jori, Partner at e*finance consulting Reply​.​

19.01.2016 / Digital Marketing Magazine

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How Total Data Can Overcome Retail Challenges

With the recent growth of Big Data, it is vital for retailers to consider their ‘total data’ and understand the touchpoints, not only the collection of data but also how and where intelligence needs to be delivered in order to solve critical business problems. Daren Ward, Partner at Retail Reply​, discusses how recognising the feedback loops and creating a capability-based plan are the keys to maximising the benefits of Big Data.

17.12.2015 / Riskminds

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Risk Review - an insight into the industry

Risk information technology has become a key cog in 21st century banking, regardless of geographic location or institutional size. The pressures on banks' risk it teams are tremendous as they deal with fastchanging regulatory and business demands. It is critical that financial instituitions have the necessary risk infrastucture in place to accommodate their business strategy.​​

06.11.2015 / IDG Connect

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"Omni": the next digital disrupter?

"Omni" – "all" in Latin – is one of those words that is boringly doing the tech rounds at the moment. I get pitched stories about it all the time. And recently attended an event where it was specifically called out as the next tech disrupter. But beyond the fluff and guff what does this mean now and what is it likely to mean in future?

26.10.2015 / New electronics

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Supporting IoT start-ups

Recent statistics suggest that the UK is still reluctant to invest in R&D but when it comes to investing in start-ups it remains a European hotspot, attracting almost a third of the $3billion in funding the European market receives each quarter.

21.10.2015 / Bloomberg

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator-promoted URBAN HUB digital magazine wins gold award 2016

URBAN HUB, the ThyssenKrupp Elevator-promoted digital magazine that drives discussions on urbanization, won a gold prize in the category of best Content Marketing/Publishing at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2016 in Germany. The magazine is produced for ThyssenKrupp Elevator by the digital media agency Triplesense Reply, based in Frankfurt.

06.10.2015 / Startups

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UK start-ups enModus and Inova Design join Internet of Things accelerator

Tech businesses have won a place on Breed Reply's London"Best in Breed 2" programme with search for "Best in Breed 3" start-ups now underway. Early-stage UK businesses enModus and Inova Design have been selected to join Breed Reply; the London-based incubator which looks to fund and support the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) start-ups in Europe and the US.

06.10.2015 / The Internet of All Things

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Three startups selected by IoT incubator from the ‘IoT Best in Breed-2’ initiative

Breed Reply, the United Kingdom-based advanced incubator of Reply that funds and supports the development of Internet of Things (IoT) startups in Europe and the United States, today announced that agreements had been signed with three additional startups in the sectors of smart buildings, fitness and wellness.

06.10.2015 / ITBriefing

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Reply: Three New Startups Selected by Breed Reply as a Result of the "IoT Best in Breed-2" Initiative: enModus, Gymcraft, Inova Design

Reply's advanced incubator that funds and supports the development of Internet of Things (IoT) start-ups in Europe and the USA, announces that Agreements have been signed with three additional start-ups in the sectors of Smart buildings, Fitness and Wellness.

12.07.2015 / ITProPortal

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Information Governance and the Goldilocks Syndrome: Navigating data complexity for business advancement

Information and data proliferate; the emergence of new information sources and the growth of connected devices mean that information governance (IG) is more important than ever before. By 2016, 20 per cent of CIOs in regulated industries will lose their jobs for failing to successfully implement effective information governance, according to Gartner. How can organisations successfully strike the balance between governing their information appropriately whilst using data to power their business?

08.07.2015 / Handling & Storage Solutions

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Look out for doubling trends to find disruptors

An increasing number of companies and technologies are achieving exponential growth, says Salim Ismail of the Singularity University and this is proving very disruptive to established industry monoliths.

29.05.2015 / Wallblog

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#FROW2025 part three - fashion tech trends to watch

In the final instalment of what the front rows of fashion shows will look like in 2025 in the wake of this year’s London Fashion Week, Paulo Bernini and Julian Douch, associate partners of global agency Open Reply, reveal what will be the future of digital luxury fashion and what they believe will be the top trends to watch.

12.05.2015 / New Electronics

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IoT Best in Breed fund set to go the distance

Innovative incubator looks to offer longer term support to 'start ups'. Neil Tyler reports.
London based Internet of Things incubator Breed Reply has just completed its second IoT Best in Breed funding round. The initiative, started last year, is intended to identify and support innovative IoT ideas.

06.05.2015 / Wallblog

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#FROW2025 part two – the reality of fashion tech

Last month The Wall spoke to a number of luminaries from the world of fashion to discuss the impact technology is having on the industry’s biggest social occasion – London Fashion Week. To follow up the conversation, Tony Glenville, creative director of London College of Fashion, and Yossi Cohen, creative fashion director and designer, have revealed what they think will be the future of fashion, how Fashion Week 2025 will look and what they believe will be the things to watch.

06.05.2015 / Electronics

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Smarter home security

Nowadays sensing technology in the home security is relatively straightforward: a bunch of motion sensors, sometimes a basic camera, and a keypad to set and disarm the alarm system. But with giant tech firms showing increasing interest in implementing smart homes in the recent years, and the increasing presence of connected devices invading our domestic space, there’s been a lot of talk and excitement about Internet of Things solutions. And it’s the fundamental human need to feel safe that is driving the break-neck speed of IoT adoption with several brands battling it out to gain hearts and minds by securing our homes. There is no doubt that home security is going towards a drastic change.

06.05.2015 / HR Grapevine

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Net–working, Engaging people in a decentralised organisation

Employee engagement has become a high priority for many companies over the last decade. But when staff are spread across multiple sites or even different countries, ensuring high levels of engagement can be a challenge.

05.05.2015 / Euromoney

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Regulation: Banks brace for Basel interest-rate risk push

Fears of Pillar 1 capital charge; Rules may hit earnings and concentrate risk. Bernard Colla, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply, shared his point of view with Euromoney.

01.05.2015 / Retail Systems

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Wearable Retail

Wearable technology could be the key to customer engagement and knocking down the online/offline divide. Daren Ward, Partner at Glue Reply, argues that wearable in retail should be carefully considered as part of an omnichannel strategy and explains how to secure the customer engagement, providing recommendations for a proper use of data.