24.04.2017 / European Pharmaceutical Review

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Solidsoft Reply to operate the Irish National Medicine Verification System

After Danish and Swedish, Solidsoft Reply, will implement and operate the Irish National Medicines Verification System with the newly incorporated, not-for-profit, Irish Medicines Verification Organisation (IMVO).

18.04.2017 / EIT Digital

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Cloud4Drones platform

"Cloud4Drones" is a cloud-based platform for drone monitoring that provides a novel way of building drone applications by exploiting the nearly ubiquitous connection to mobile networks to provide a cloud-based centralized data harvesting platform for data storage and backup. Reply acts as the project coordinator and business champion of the Innovation Activity.

27.03.2017 / Internet of Business

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UK remains best start-up market for IoT companies in Europe

Breed Reply Executive Partner Emanuele Angelidis tells Internet of Business why IoT start-ups matter, what he looks for in investment opportunities and how the European start-up scene is changing.

23.03.2017 / IDG Connect

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The future of blockchain usage

As the news stories around blockchain increase at a furious rate, it can be hard to separate the hype from the reality. This is especially true as the majority of the working use cases are still in finance and many of the other existing startups tend to be very specific and too early stage to report anything concrete. Reply provides perspective on the future of blockchain usage.

20.03.2017 / World Commerce Review

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Blockchain Technology: a true game changer

The article explores at a high level the technology and application of blockchain, and some of its endless potentials. As we are living in times where the word ‘trust’ plays a vital role, blockchain can be considered as today’s revolution, the beginning of a new era. It is the gap-filling answer: a reliable solution that helps two or more parties to connect and trust each other directly, able to link individuals no matter of their distances and cultural backgrounds.

06.03.2017 / IoT-Now

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Breed Reply launches sixth ‘Best in Breed’ search for IoT start-ups and reports best of last search

Breed Reply is launching a new search for early stage IoT investment opportunities, ‘Best in Breed 6’. At the same time, Breed Reply is pleased to announce the successful Best in Breed 5 companies – Canard Drones and Wearable Technologies.

06.03.2017 / SmartCitiesWorld

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Looking for best in breed IoT start-ups

Canard Drones and Wearable Technologies extends incubator’s investment in Internet of Things businesses into aviation and smart garments sectors.

28.02.2017 / EIT Digital

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Online banking anti-fraud system

EIT Digital has launched a "FinTech" innovation activity that combines Artificial Intelligence with a cyber security system to enhance the anti-fraud service of financial institutions. Communication Valley Reply is the leading partner of this great innovative project in a such an important market segment.

28.02.2017 / 4-traders

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Solidsoft Reply signs agreement to implement and operate the Danish National Medicine Verification System

Solidsoft Reply has signed a contract to implement and operate the Danish National Medicines Verification System with the Dansk Medicin Verifikation Organisation A/S (DMVO).

16.02.2017 / Invision Community

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Theseus, a VR adaptation of the classic Greek myth of the Minotaur

After Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, a modern portrayal of a classic fantasy fiction, Forge Reply reinterprets another timeless myth. Theseus is a dark-hued experience, inspired by the ancient myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and designed to harness the potential of Virtual Reality.

06.02.2017 / Business Trends

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The new frontier in telemedicine

Business Trends talked to Patrick Plattes, Healthy Reply, about telemedicine and Reply’s solution Ticuro Reply. The Article has originally been published in Business Trends 74th edition.

26.01.2017 /

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EC gold-plating of FRTB raises risk of global divergence

​In the article, Ram Ananth, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply was interviewed on the interpretation of European rules for hard-to-model risks under new trading book capital rules ​


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New Ticuro Reply iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch utilizes the Health app to ensure a secure and seamless consumer experience

Ticuro Reply, Heathy Reply’s solution for Telemedicine, Telemonitoring and the analysis of behavioural habits, which can facilitate and guarantee continuity of care and patient welfare, is now available in the iOS mobile version for iPhone and iPad.​

21.10.2016 / Intelligent Risk

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National differences in risk culture

There are differences between countries in the riskiness of life. Cultures also differ in their perceptions of and preferences for risk. ​Scott Warner, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply discuss the topic in the Intelligent Risk Magazine. ​

13.10.2016 / Financial News

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Breed Reply announces 4 investments

Reply´s IoT investor Breed Reply​ said that four agreements have been signed with Callsign, Iotic Labs, Razorsecure and Senseye, bringing their portfolio to a total of 15.

12.10.2016 / IoT Now

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Breed Reply announces four additional investments as a result of its start-up search programme

Breed Reply​ announces that a further four agreements have been signed with Callsign, Iotic Labs, Razorsecure and Senseye. This brings its portfolio to a total of 15 companies.

11.10.2016 / Haggerston Times

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IoT Investor / Incubator Breed Reply Announces Latest Start-up Investments, Launches Latest “Best in Breed” Start-up Search

Breed Reply​, the investment arm of Reply, who support the Telco, Media, Banking, Insurance and Public Administration sectors with new communication channels and digital media, announced today that they have reached agreement with 4 London Based, early stage IoT start-ups, to provide investment and support.


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Reply opens third Design Thinking Lab in Europe - dedicated to digital transformation

Reply [MTA, STAR: REY], specialist in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media, launches its new Design Thinking Lab in Munich, Germany, for the development of innovative solutions around digital transformation. It is Reply’s third lab in Europe emphasizing Reply’s commitment as a driving force in digital transformation. The other two Design Thinking Labs are in Gütersloh (Germany), which is focused on Industry 4.0, and in Milan (Italy), which specialises in design for innovation. ​

28.09.2016 / ZDnet

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How doctors are prescribing VR to help patients cope with real life

One Italian hospital is helping break new ground by using immersive virtual reality to help people deal with neurological problems.​

26.09.2016 /

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Banks plan risk factor exclusion to avoid FRTB surcharge

Banks are considering excluding risk factors deemed immaterial from their risk models as a way to avoid a capital charge add-on for hard-to-model risks under the new trading book capital rules, but the strategy could be derailed by the will of regulators or by failing the internal models test.​

30.08.2016 / Connect World

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Powering a Connected World: Networks of the future

Consumers and businesses want to be connected everywhere and anywhere - at home, in the street, in their cars, on transportation and underground. We expect these connections to be fast and as networks deliver this speed, we want it faster still. Once again, technology is struggling to meet demand. Jason Hill, Executive Partner at Reply, examines the future of network technologies​.

28.07.2016 / MyCustomer

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Omnichannel and the evolving role of bricks-and-mortar

What role does the bricks-and-mortar shop still play, in a retail sector seemingly enslaved to expectant, impatient consumers who can buy any product online and have it delivered to their doorstep within a couple of days? Jason Stanard, Partner at Retail Reply, explains that the overwhelming majority of shopping experiences include at least one digital element – the phone. Even if a retailer doesn’t have a digital screen in-store, it’s still par​t of an omnichannel shopping experience​.​

19.07.2016 / Computerworld

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Internet of Things in healthcare: What's next for IoT technology in the health sector

Internet of Things technology holds the potential to revolutionise the healthcare industry. By embedding IoT-enabled devices in medical equipment, healthcare professionals will be able to monitor patients more effectively and use the data gleaned from the devices to figure out who needs the most hands-on attention.​

15.07.2016 / Banking Technology

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Fintech innovation: staying on the fringes or is it time for it to became core?

In the face of an ever rising digital agenda in Europe, banks are jumping on the fintech bandwagon, hoping to jumpstart innovation. Technology stands today as a catalyst for change in established banking institutions, write Astrid Fr​oidure, Open Reply, and Fausto Jori, e*f​inance consulting Reply​.