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Why Sitecore?

In todays digital world businesses face two core challenges when operating online. How do you show your business is unique but also provide the best customer experience? For many these two messages seem in conflict to each other. To highlight your USP’s you need to talk about your business but by just talking about your business are you really providing the best customer experience?

The answer to this question is Sitecore. Through Sitecore’s advanced CMS you can collect detailed information on customers and provided personalised experiences unique to each visitor. The result is a fluid site that presents the right information, at the right time, to the right person, all of which delivers a far superior user experience, whilst building engagement with your visitors.

Through Sitecore’s Experience Platform marketers have the insights to understand visitor motivations and serve content as it’s needed. So rather than serving a client all the information and hoping something sticks, your site becomes more tactical in its content delivery by presenting a more relevant, personalised experience.

Furthermore, the Sitecore platform realises that many visitors will repeatedly return to a site before purchasing. At each stage along the buying cycle new, more relevant information can be presented to move them one step further along the conversion funnel. This can even be done in real time taking into account a number of factors such as arrival channel, time of day, device, what they’re looking for, past actions and many others.

This advanced functionality moves Sitecore beyond just a simple CMS. It allows you to build a single view of individual customers but also allows for the automation to setup rules that will help serve the best user experience via a personalised journey on the fly.

So whether you need help with customer journey mapping, personalisation of each individual customer, engagement automation or multivariate testing, Sitecore could be the solution for you.

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