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Why Sitecore?

Customers are smarter than ever, more demanding than ever and want things faster than ever. In this environment of easy access, always on, multichannel, multidevice, personalised service world, businesses need to work harder to just start the conversation with a customer, let alone secure their business.

We all know the answer to this problem, we need to foster meaningful engagements with our customers by delivering the right content, to the right person, at the right time on the right channel. We know by doing this customers will remember your brand for delivering the very best digital experience and a truly meaningful encounter – after all, that’s what we want from the brands we engage with right?

The difficulty is how do you deliver this level of experience to customers when the potential touch points are spread across so many channels, devices and platforms? A customer can open your marketing email on their phone in the morning, visit your site from their office computer in the afternoon then read an article you publish on social media on their home laptop in the evening. Three separate devices engaging via three separate channels managed by three separate platforms.

In scenarios like this how can you identify this was one person not three? How can you analyse their behaviour to serve the best content that is going to deliver the best experience? How can you monitor their progress through a conversion funnel and report on campaign performance?

This is where Sitecore comes in. Sitecore provides a fully integrated content management and digital marketing platform that allows you to create meaningful, cross channel engagements with your customers. With Sitecore in place you can monitor, track and respond to these seemingly separate engagements, identify them as a single customer and react accordingly.

Top Benefits of Sitecore

1. Consolidate your marketing tools

Site analytics, email campaigns, social media marketing, CRM and ERP data, automation and personalisation are typically managed by different platforms. Sitecore brings these systems together in a single combined content management and digital marketing platform where your entire digital strategy is managed.

2. A single view of each customer

With everything in one place, Sitecore has the unique ability to provide a single view of each customer from their actions on your site, to which email marketing campaigns they engage with, to any mentions of your brand they make on social media. With this holistic view you can see exactly where each customer is in the customer journey and what to target them with next.

3. Automation

All of this data is great but creating personalised campaigns for each customer is impossible. Sitecore’s simple drag and drop automation system solves this problem however. Setup automated rules to launch new campaigns based on the behaviour of your customers. Define the frequency, level personalisation, channel, device and content you send to customers based on their past actions and position in the conversion funnel. Best of all, once setup, automation will run automatically without any further involvement from you.

4. In-session personalisation

Sitecore automatically learns about your customers, what they are interacting with and how this leads to a desired outcome. It then takes these learnings to provide a more personalised experience for future visitors whilst continuing to learn from their actions to deliver an ongoing cycle of improvement.

5. Multisite, multilingual and multinational capabilities

Big brands very often need multiple sites. This could be to manage other brands in the wider organisation, catering for different cultures or providing a multilingual service in new geographical territories. Through a single Sitecore licence, businesses can operate multiple domains, share content between them and store content in any number of languages. Though their flexible API’s, you can also integrate with various translation providers, making the process even easier.

6. Object based architecture

You can share content across pages and sites. This makes Sitecore highly scalable and will save you considerable time organising and presenting content. It also means page content can be easily personalised.

7. Workflow & security

Take full control of your website, even with multiple contributors in different locations. Sitecore has highly configurable security features, access permissions, and workflows which ensure all the correct procedures are followed before new content is published and a consistent level of content quality is maintained.

8. SEO

Sitecore’s Search Engine Optimisation module benefits both content editors and website developers by showing you where missing pieces of information will affect your page rank, whilst also helping you to make your content more search engine friendly.

9. Advanced A/B and multivariate testing

It is a well-known fact that A/B testing the content on your website leads to increased customer interaction, but how easy is it to monitor an A/B test with your current system? Tell Sitecore to show one piece of information 50% of the time and another block of information for the remaining 50%. After a set time period (specified by you) Sitecore will automatically analyse which content has been the most effective at increasing customer engagement, and automatically reverts to showing that content 100% of the time.

10. Web forms for marketers

Sitecore gives you the ability to construct advanced forms without the requirement of any coding or programming knowledge. The platform makes easy work of grabbing customer information to register them for a webinar, asking for details before downloading a whitepaper, and allowing prospective buyers to get in touch.

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