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23.10.2017 / Ceo Today

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Unleash Creativity by Automating Boring Office Tasks

Richard Acreman, Partner at WM Reply, explains how businesses can use automation to allow their employees to focus on creative tasks.

19.10.2017 / SharePoint Europe

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Make your internal news the scoop of the day on SharePoint

“How do we get strong readership of our internal news on SharePoint?” This article will show you how to make your employees sit up and take notice of your news on SharePoint, and what you should be asking yourself before you hit the publish button.

16.05.2017 / Business, Article 50, Technology

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The Corporate Jigsaw Puzzle

2016 was a bumper year for M&As, the second largest since the downturn. In the words of the Financial Times’s Arash Massoudi, “the deals just keep on coming.”

08.02.2017 / Aviation Technology, Aerospace

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Millions raised by tech startup in Dorset

A technology startup located in Dorset and focused on aerospace tech, Gilo Industries, has succeeded in raising funding totalling $30m (£23.8m) – with Kuang-Chi Group being the investor.

25.01.2017 / Welcome

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WM Reply appoints new Microsoft-accredited SharePoint Consultant

​Chester City Centre digital agency and Microsoft SharePoint specialists, WM Reply, welcomes new Microsoft accredited SharePoint Consultant, Jamie Williams, to the team.​

17.08.2016 / Enterprise

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Belfast tech jobs to be created by Tullett Prebon

A company that specialises in financial services and has its main base in London is set to provide information technology jobs for 300 people in Belfast, when it opens a new tech hub there.​

12.08.2016 / Enterprise

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TechChill to become two-day event

One of the major events on the calendar for technology start-ups throughout Europe, the annual TechChill conference is set to be expanded into a two-day event from next year.​