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Built upon Microsoft’s award winning cloud infrastructure

Dynamics 365 offers a platform for businesses small and large to engage with their customers like never before.

With update cycles removing the need to worry about being on the latest version, and built in security and compliance features, the Dynamics platform truly offers the peace of mind needed to allow you to get on with growing your business.

Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of Dynamics intuitive interface, which offers features bespoke to specific industries. Allowing you to get started sooner, with a lesser up-front development period.

At WM Reply, we have an in-depth knowledge of both Office 365, and Dynamics 365, allowing us to advise on the most suitable tools for your business, safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure is futureproof under the Microsoft Cloud Platform.


Understand your clients like never before with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Benefit from pre-built modules suited to your businesses industry, allowing you to capture relevant information from your customers, putting you ahead of the competition and strengthening both new and existing relations.


Small or large, and anywhere in-between, Dynamics ERP is a scalable solution, built with growth in mind. Improve your supply chain, and benefit from best in class business analytics, providing a more accurate inventory and more reliable demand forecasting.

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Engagement and Adoption

You've just invested a lot of time, resources and money into a new digital solution. But what good is that effort if your employees don't join you on the journey?


Out of the box isn’t always the best solution, especially when your specific business requirements need to be met.