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This must be the digital workplace

TamTamy Reply redefines the concept of a collaborative platform with the introduction of the Digital Workplace solution. The Digital Workplace is an ecosystem in whose work tools and methods are rethought in order to guarantee an experience similar to that of our personal sphere.

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The year of the employee experience

If 2016 was the year that brought new technological tools to Human Resources, 2017 was the year that the Employee Experience theme was brought to life. At Tamtamy Reply, we belive that the new corporate culture is the achievement of a balance between one’s work and private life, and being able to manage space and time that are now, in both spheres, becoming tighter than ever before.

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Chatbot: the enhanced workforce

Originally made for and used in the consumer world, chat and instant messengers have now become a natural evolution of collaborative dynamics within companies, and are mainly used by HR.

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There's a new rhythm to learning

The way in which we work, and more importantly how we learn, has radically changed. New microlearning formats are rapidly establishing themselves.  

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Human Resources drive digital transformation

There's one main department behind the transformation process that affects companies, remodelling approaches and introducing new tools: Human Resources.

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Gimme5: investment made easy

TamTamy Reply and AcomeA SGR, an investment management company, have designed and developed an innovative and engaging service: Gimme5. Gimme5 allows people to invest small amounts of money via mobile applications, while gamification dynamics engage customers in the careful management of their own investment portfolios.

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TamTamy™, the Enterprise Social Networking platform developed by Reply, available both on premises and as a service, is the answer to emerging formats of communication, engagement, learning and collaboration, both within the organization (employee networks and social intranets) and on the outside (consumer and business communities to engage customers and stakeholders).

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Social Learning

Communities represent an ideal complement to traditional corporate training tools and programmes. Through them, HR departments gain access to an agile, versatile and innovative set of tools for establishing new systems of knowledge sharing, creating communities of practice, enhancing talent identification processes and promoting the corporate culture. The challenge for organisations is to ensure that formal and informal training can co-exist in a unique environment.

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Case Study

INVESTIMENTE.IT: the test for the informed investor

​Investimente is an initiative implemented on the TamTamy™ platform for Schroders, a leading asset management group. The project is dedicated to financial operators, advisors and private bankers who want to deepen and strengthen their relationship with their customers.

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TamTamy Reply

About Us

TamTamy Reply is the company of the Reply group specialised in designing, developing and integrating digital communities. Since 2007, TamTamy Reply offers its customer the proprietary enterprise social networking platform and the appropriate strategic support to promote the adoption and to engage users.

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