To constantly inform employees about company news. To publish internal and external initiatives to highlight company values.

  • Top down news
  • Knowledge management
  • Self Service of employees
  • Link to company tools

To transform digital space into multi directional and structured channel where each employee can express own opinion through the main common social functionalities

  • Comments on news
  • Forums and blogs dedicated to specific arguments
  • Company Wiki and Forums
  • Like and rating to appreciate contents

To create a digital environment connected and integrated with existing systems that supports collaborations and enhances interaction between members

  • Bottom-up contribution (User Generated Content)
  • Categorization of member through personal profile
  • Creation and management of working groups

To locate employee in a virtuous environment that supports own working life

  • Empowered Employees
  • Support for training
  • Smart Working and flexibility
  • Access from any device


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    It is a more effective management of training times for the benefit of productivity through the creation of thematic training campaigns lasting a few minutes. The online support community allows one to share experience with colleagues, to express feedback on the micro-courses followed, to report and to discuss the most interesting ones.

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    A virtual assistant is a digital assistant based on the machine learning system, useful to speed up repetitive activities and to offer support without waiting times allowing to reduce time and resources. So a lot of functionalities such as finding a file or information, receiving an alert on an activity to be carried out or a suggestion on a content of interest are executed in an immediate and simple way.

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    This is the best way to brainstorm online events with regular frequency. The Jam Session format uses the internal communication platform to stimulate online discussion between colleagues, by generating ideas and proposals starting from a specific theme.

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    The aim of challenges is to highlight talents that participate there. Through a combination of platform functionalities, the TamTamy Challenges allow users to quickly design an online idea management process, manage registrations, follow the collection of proposals, carry out the evaluation, view the scores and announce the winners.

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    Through the platform, each user can insert and highlight skills, projects, certifications and successful experiences. Each of these elements contributes to outline and make known one's professional figure. Users also have the possibility to search for colleagues, projects or certifications related to a skill in order to offer a job to the employee based on their own skills.

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    The A-Club consists of an advocacy program that aims to transform employees into spokespersons for corporate values or to spread new practices. Through dedicated strategic consulting services and the tools available on the platform, it is possible to manage the entire initiative: communication, identification of advocates and management of awards.