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Equipment intelligence from the edge to the Cloud with
Storm Reply's Asset Monitoring and Predictive
IoT solution, A\M/P

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Benefits of AMP

AMP allows clients to quickly adopt AWS IoT services, prove the value of their use case and realize the impact the solution can bring to the business. Clients could achieve the following results with AMP.


down by 50%

reduced by 55%

down by 60%

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Many organizations do not have the ability to monitor and optimize their assets. Data is often being collected from assets and devices but not interpreted or used to base actions and improvements on.

Common costly scenarios that can be optimized through asset management with smart sensors and AWS IoT:
Labour – unnecessary routine inspections or call-outs, and labour-intensive onsite processes
Equipment – equipment damage remaining undetected until scheduled maintenance
Production – equipment malfunctions increasing production line recovery times and increased down-time costs

AMP by Storm Reply is a deployable and repeatable IoT solution aimed at enabling client's adoption of AWS IoT services and realize the business benefits of their IoT use cases.

AMP includes:
• Pre-configured industrial PC for Edge compute and sensor connectivity
• Pre-integrated sensor options for 3 use cases: surface temperature, vibration or liquid levels
• Automation of Monitoring equipment sensors, enabled by ‘packaged’ anomaly detection ML models

With pre-built assets and playbooks, AMP is an accelerator solution avoiding the need to build from scratch and allowing the flexibility to be tailored to each client’s requirements.

Four ways that Asset Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance can modernize your business

Improve visibility of assets by capturing data from sensors and leveraging AWS IoT rules and events to notify you of potential issues.

Transition from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance. Avoid unnecessary site visits and call outs.

Analyse equipment data on the spot, triggering an alert if an imminent issue is detected. Reduce faults and costs to repair.

Identify potential equipment malfunctions in real time in order to prevent failures. Reduce production down-time.

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Why AWS and IoT?

AWS offers several cloud services that make it simple to securely connect IoT devices to cloud applications. AWS IoT Core allows you to leverage other AWS services like Sitewise Edge, Lookout for Equipment, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Machine Learning, and AWS Lambda and in turn for Storm Reply to help you implement or build IoT solutions that gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices at global scale, without having to manage any infrastructure.

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    Storm Reply, part of the Reply Group, is a Premier consulting partner dedicated AWS. Our focus is Modernization and offering end-to-end IoT solutions leveraging AWS IoT services. Storm Reply solutions are turnkey and include re-useable assets and playbooks to help clients quickly adopt and realize the value of AWS and IoT. Our IoT solutions cover a range of industries and use cases. AMP specifically looks at asset monitoring to help clients transition from reactive to predictive maintenance.