Storage or archiving? It's your decision!

Macros software is independent on archives. That means: you choose your best fitting way of electronic archiving.



Electronic storage and archiving

With Macros Reply products, you are selecting sleek and modern archiving products. As archive-independent software, we link the archive or storage system of your choice and enable in-depth work with the filed documents and metadata.

Filing the documents in the archive or in other Macros systems uses the various adapters from where you are working – your filing system, an office or e-mail system, etc.

And of course Macros Reply includes tools to convert your documents into archive formats and to meet demands for statutory and company-specific requirements.

Macros eRender



Macros eRender is the rendering service based on Macros eNform for the automatic conversion of source/original formats to archive formats. In this way, Office documents, for example, can be converted to TIFF or PDF in the course of archiving.

Macros eRender, Macros eNform
File in storage and archive systems 0

Macros eConnect


File in storage and archive systems

Within the Macros eBridge adapter suite, Macros eConnect ensures a connection between storage and archive systems. Since the products of Macros Reply are archive-independent, you yourself decide whether you want to use a simple storage system or an archive system.

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Macros eXtensions


Integration of e-mail and Office applications

Macros eXtensions integrate your Office and e-mail systems into your system architecture. Open the documents in their original format directly from the Macros eClient (such as eDMS, ePAkt or eWorkplace), check them out and process them, and refile them with one click.

Macros eXtensions, Microsoft Office, e-mail, Macros eClient
Archive and file from any “printing” program 0

Macros eArchiveprinter


Archive and file from any “printing” program

The simple, fast and intuitive filing of documents is the basis for establishing electronic archiving and corresponding processing systems in a company. With the Macros eArchive Printer, Macros Reply offers efficient, electronic filing of documents from almost every program.

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