Sabelt's digital supply chain transformation
with LEA Reply™

Streamlining logistics operations to provide unmatched efficiency and adaptability



Logistics Reply has supported Sabelt's remarkable supply chain management transformation.

Watch the video case study to see how LEA Reply™, our innovative microservices-based digital platform for supply chain execution, has played a key role in revolutionizing Sabelt's logistics operations, to ensure maximum efficiency and adaptability.

“The main scope of the project was to digitalize our end-to-end supply chain to meet our customer's evolving needs and anticipate automotive market trends.“

Paolo Sinchetto
COO, Sabelt

Watch our case study video to discover firsthand how Sabelt transformed their business operations leveraging Logistics Reply's innovative LEA Reply™ platform for supply chain execution.

LEA Reply™ made it easy to overcome the challenges to enable integrated supplier collaboration, optimization of production line feed flows and production waste management, as well as product customization.


Sabelt is a leading OEM manufacturer of high-end car seats, seat belts and specialized products for aviation and aerospace. It also owns the eponymous line of accessories for the racing market.

Sabelt embarked on its digital transformation journey in 2021, a crucial step in response to the company’s strategic shift to embrace a broader customer base. This shift presented the challenge of managing rapidly growing volumes while maintaining the unwavering commitment to quality and strong customer focus that has always distinguished Sabelt.

In addition, the implementation of digitalization helped Sabelt deal with some typical market challenges, including new industry regulations that impose stringent protocols for the traceability of components, to ensure the safety of end customers. Digitalization also proved instrumental in managing the huge variability within Sabelt's product range.

The implementation of LEA Reply™, our digital platform based on microservices, has significantly enhanced warehouse operations at Sabelt. The LEA Reply™ WMS solution enables Sabelt to manage and monitor their operations, maintain total control of stock at all times, optimise space allocation, minimize lead times and facilitate real-time monitoring of activities.

The platform also facilitates seamless integration with third-party technologies such as MOM and ERP to support daily warehouse activities in a manufacturing environment. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for enabling supplier collaboration and incorporating advanced technologies like AI in the future.

In Reply, Sabelt found the ideal Partner to support their digitalization journey and business growth.

Discover the whole project with Reply here.

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    Logistics Reply provides cutting-edge software solutions that help companies achieve an efficient and more connected digital supply chain where different systems, partners, humans and machines seamlessly interact embracing the use of next-generation technologies such as AI, robotics, wearables and IoT. Logistics Reply accompanies its customers in this transformation journey ensuring rapid time-to-value and long-term quality results thanks to over 25 years of experience and deep knowledge of technologies and supply chain processes. Logistics Reply is a Reply company.

  • Sabelt

    Sabelt was founded in 1972 and started as a manufacturer of safety seatbelts for original equipment. Over the years, the expansion of the compulsory nature of seatbelts brought about new production systems allowing the company to consolidate and develop an extensive knowledge of buckle systems, seatbelts and complex retention systems. This technological foundation made it possible to create specific systems for racing cars, in which extreme conditions and safety requirements posed a challenge that was not easy to conquer. Having achieved industry leadership, Sabelt has expanded its range by also dedicating itself to high-end sports road car accessories and niche markets, becoming the European leader in the development and production of 3 different businesses: Racing, OEM (original equipment seats) and belts for special applications.