Star Wars Rollinz App

Exceptional results for Forge Reply's mobile app built to support Esselunga's Star Wars promotional campaign.

300,000 downloads in eight weeks.


The digital “life force” of Esselunga’s recent promotional success, the Star Wars Rollinz app was developed thanks to the creative and technological support offered by Forge Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in gaming and digital user engagement services. Forge Reply has built a rich and continuous user experience bridging the gap between the physical and the digital worlds: a point of sale promotion that was transformed into a virtual game and in turn triggered new entertainment stimuli, becoming an unprecedented media phenomenon. In addition to entertaining users through the gameplay offered, the mobile application has also helped sustain and expand the performance of the initiative. The mechanics adopted are simple at their core, yet rich and engaging in terms of tools and gaming experiences generated.

The Game

Having being authenticated through their Esselunga Fìdaty loyalty card, users are provided access to an augmented reality functionality allowing them to scan physical Rollinz and activate them within the game.  In this virtual space, the user has the option to lead the character – overcoming one trial after another – through various successive levels of play until the final victory. The game was designed to involve all 20 Rollinz charactersdistributed with the promotion.

Challenges and solutions

We had to implement a new algorithm for recognizing Rollinz based on their morphological structure and also have the approval by The Walt Disney Company of gameplay, artworks and music. In order to recognize the characters of the Star Wars Rollinz we used several technologies like Vuforia to manage the camera of the device and OpenCV to process the image frame coming from the device camera. The output of the image processing is a pattern of “interesting keypoints”. The final step is to determine the confidence of a matching between the obtained pattern and three benchmark patterns.


Once satisfied with the players’ engagement, Forge Reply focused on the marketing aspect of the application, aiming to provide the company with qualitative and quantitative tools for evaluating the initiative. With this application, Forge Reply and Esselunga totalled 300,000 downloads in just 8 weeks, a veritable record on the italian market.