Daikin YEAR

An aug​mented reality calendar that facilitates seamless interaction with its users throughout the year, allowing the discovery of the latest content Daikin has to offer.

An augmented reality calendar

With the Augmented Reality functionality provided by the Daikin YEAR app, through the images made available by the 2016 Daikin Calendar, users can view digital content such as videos and 3D figures, e-catalogues, Web pages or specific advertising pages that are dedicated to the Daikin world. Thanks to the Daikin YEAR app users are able to interact with the calendar on their device and to discover, each month, the latest Daikin innovations.

A regular tradition becomes digital

The Daikin calendar is a regular tradition for the company. However, this year, in order to provide a completely innovative digital experience for its users, the app was enhanced and has become more engaging thanks to the introduction of the augmented reality technology. Users have the ability to interact with the calendar, thus discovering the latest content it has to offer.