VR training for medium voltage ABB systems

3D and VR interactive platform built to train staff employed in maintenance operations on ABB's medium voltage systems.

A new professional training tool

ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transport and infrastructure customers in roughly 100 countries. One of its Italian business units develops medium voltage systems and apparatus operating between 1,000 and 30,000 volts. Due to the inherint dangers of these systems, maintenance operations have to follow strict procedure to minimize the risks. Training of the operating personell therefore has a pivotal role in risk management. ABB, an historically pioneering company, is constantly looking for ways to improve the training processes of its personell.

Training in virtual reality

To answer to the specific needs of ABB, Forge Reply deveolped an e-learning platform dedicated to the training of personell operating on medium voltage systems and apparatus. This training plaftorm contains two interactive modules: one, available online, based on the interactive Unity 3D engine technology, and the other featuring a virtual environment thanks to the HTC Vive VR headset. In both modules, trainees can experience the exact maintenance operations used on actual systems. Thanks to the interactive visualization of the 3D objects, users have a precise and effective comprehension of the different products in complete safety. Potentially dangerous tasks are fully simulated in the virtual environment.
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    Web based training module

    The web based training mudule features 6 operating procedures on 3 different medium voltage secondary distribution UniSec systems: SDC, SBC and SFC. Every procedure simulates in a 3D environment a specific task in which the user has to choose the right procedure steps. Results of every session are logged and available for remote evaluation.

  • VR training module

    The VR training module developed by Forge Reply, thanks to the HTC Vive headset, allows users to experience componets and objects, while phisically moving in a 360° virtual environment. Thanks to specifically designed Joypads, objects are manipulabe, simulating the actual operative procedures of human-machine interfaces. Within the VR training module, 3 medium voltage electric panels are faithfully reproduced, allowing the user to operate on one of the models simulating maintenance procedures like inspections, decommissioning and recovery.

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    Thanks to the accessibility of the modules and the gradual learning curve demonstrated by user testing, first results on VR training are encouraging for future developments.

VR training module

Virtual reality training session: decommissioning of a medium voltage UniSec electric panel .