Virtual reality training at the
University of Beer


Based on the learning-by-doing theory and a preference for visualising complex concepts by taking away the physical aspect, Forge Reply has developed the "From barley to glass" application for students at the University of Beer. A Virtual Reality application which illustrates the production cycle of five different styles of beer, highlighting the raw materials and the machinery used in each stage. The objective is to establish and test the concepts learnt during the courses.


The application develops through five different production stages, divided as follows: malting, mashing, hopping, fermentation, filtration and bottling. The specific machinery involved in each stage is shown and questions are asked to allow users to revise what they have learnt. At the end of the experience in the brewery, users find themselves inside a pub, where it is possible to tap the beer and to have feedback on the answers given.


The app was designed to be faithful to the brand identity and to be easy to use. For this reason, the setting was created to reflect the surroundings of the University of Beer. Moreover, Forge Reply preferred the "Windows Mixed Reality Headset", a high resolution visor that is easy to set up and which, together with a gaming laptop, enables the developed application to be used with ease, in several places at the same time. As a result, the Virtual Reality solution is highly scalable and adaptable, thus increasing training opportunities and implementing additional learning pathways linked to new topics or studying in more depth subjects previously covered.
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    The University of Beer is the professional training hub promoted by HEINEKEN Italy. A new training model, unique of its kind, driven by the growing interest in the vocation for brewing beer in Italy, with the aim of promoting and accompanying the potential for growth of the country's beer market. The head office is located in Via dei Canzi no. 19, in Milan's Lambrate district. More than 1000 square metres, with well-equipped classrooms and areas designed to encourage not only teaching and study, but also the sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge. A place designed to be practical, in support of the University of Beer's mission: to disseminate know-how and high-level skills for sector operators and to stimulate positive business opportunities for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, the Modern Channels and the entire supply chain. The teaching system was developed to be functional for the requirements of the operators, as well as flexible and innovative. In this sense, the digital component plays a fundamental role and integrates seamlessly with the classroom lessons, for a customised course of pre- and post-training studies, also accessible on the move thanks to the dedicated e-learning platform featuring highlights and ad hoc insights.

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    Forge Reply is a cutting-edge development company with proficiency in the latest technologies. It gathered the most talented developers, designers, 2D/3D artists and animators to work in both the B2C and B2B markets, creating entertaining video games, e-learning softwares and gamification solutions for marketing campaigns with a strong XR specialisation (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality).