Discover and measure your attitudes while playing!

Discovering our personal attitudes while playing is now possible!

Everybody has specific attitudes, the hard part is getting to know them. To help us test our personal attitudes, Atti2de analizes our choices in a video game environment in order to produce objective results. Available in beta over at, this software presents us with several challenges to improve the knowledge of ourselves, and provides information to better choose our profession by creating a personal profile. Atti2de is developed to highlight personal attitudes, but it's also a useful tool for company's human resources departments, thanks to features that can ease the evaluation process of the candidates.

A scientific approach

Thanks to the collaboration with professor Roberto Vaccani, founder of the Bocconi University Personal Orientation Lab (offering graduates working opportunities in line with their individual attitudes), Atti2de uses the MASPI model to add a dynamic classification to the static, scientifically-based classification of the specific brain areas, highlighting attitudes with respect to the four phases of the decision process.