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Xchange is Reply's annual event where we explore and present how innovation and technologies are affecting business models and customer experience. Through featured presentations, ‘show me how’ sessions and demo areas, we illustrate major innovation trends.

Any business innovation and transformation requires an Enterprise Architecture. When requirements, developer ideas, and existing architecture meet, discussions are inevitable. While microservices allow us to pick the right tools for the job, there is more to consider. You will learn how we can take away your fear of infrastructure deployments and increase stability by deploying often and failing fast. Today, we focus so much on designing, building and managing the complexity of microservices, but we end up using a single database. We will show you different approaches and how you can increase the flexibility of your solutions – and encourage you to think differently.

Artificial intelligence enables the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. We will explore how the rise of “artificial influence” may serve to endow trained machines with more relevance and empathy. Join us for a look at how current developments in digital influence can be used to leverage machine learning for powerful marketing solutions. Furthermore, we want to show you how you can capture the value of public online data through advanced analytics, gain valuable insights into the principles of Natural Language Processing and excite customers with AI-driven customer experience solutions. But, of course, we don't forget to take a look at strategy, as strategy is key to successful scaling and reaping benefits of data science and big data projects.

When it comes to processing huge amounts of data that should be used to advance your business, quantum computing is considered one of the most important breakthroughs in the modern technology landscape. The ability to solve extremely complex problems that require a lot of computational time in a near real-time framework will impact all areas of everyday planning and organization. We will demonstrate how this technology and “quantum inspired” approaches can already be used to achieve practical results with significant business values. One area that will definitively benefit from more data driven approaches is the marketing world. Therefore, we will give you insights into data driven marketing, how to setup a data management platform and how to drive change using data in Connected Cars, Smart Cities and Competitive Intelligence.

A compelling mobile loyalty program accompanies the customer throughout the entire customer journey and connects all vital touchpoints needed for an advanced brand experience. Apps create an omnipresent connection between brand and customer, resulting from individual and context sensitive offerings at the right time and in the right place. We need to explore how we can encourage an effective relationship with the customer, provide engaging content to enable new opportunities for the customer to interact with the brand. The new mobile standard 5G is one of the opportunities that technological advances will bring us to create more effective digital experiences. Another topic will be the Reply China Observatory. It will clear the fog to provide a distinct picture of the Chinese market for a better understanding about how the markets are beating.

Do you know how your digital business has performed today? The race for a digital strategy and its fastest possible implementation has never been as relevant as it is today. There is an abundance of technology innovations arising which creates a vicious cycle of always looking how to create more value for the customer and more efficiency for the business. Multiple components comprise a digital platform which need to be aligned and integrated. We will show what it means to organize collaborative innovation management with different companies across various countries, using Deep Learning for real business problems and how quickly results can be achieved by incorporating AI into agile digitization projects.

Reply helps companies to build up their digital workforce in order to support growth by enabling the identification and optimization of suitable processes for automation, addressing cost pressures through increased efficiency, reduced lead times and process costs, and increased customer satisfaction through capacity release and improved process quality. By letting self-learning algorithms find patterns and solutions in data instead of following pre-programmed rules, certain business systems will reach a new level of intelligence and efficiency. We show you how process mining and robotic process automation enable automated processes and smart assistants will become a truly digital support.

Cyber-attacks on production facilities, hospitals or energy suppliers are no longer fiction but reality. Companies and institutions must therefore change their attitude towards cybersecurity. For decades, security controls have relied on industrial infrastructures operating in physically isolated environments. With the onset of industry 4.0 and the ever-increasing penetration of digitization, previously sound security controls no longer provide adequate defense against newly surfacing – and even old – attack vectors. In Cloud Computing the combination of innovative microservices with agile and devops culture will lead to a shortened time-to-market through a faster roll-out of new services to customers. We will show how traditional aggregated network elements are now reengineered using information technology and disaggregated microservices.


These areas of the event are for trying out the technologies and witnessing the processes that create innovation through direct experimentation with emerging technologies. Dedicated booths are available throughout Xchange to engage participants in hands-on sessions on different subjects.









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