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Xchange is Reply's annual event where we explore and present how innovation and technologies are affecting business models and customer experience. We illustrate major innovation trends through featured presentations, ‘show me how’ sessions and demo areas.

As software applications become ever more intelligent, they are transforming our daily lives in increasingly evident ways. In the exploratory sessions and demonstration zones, delegates will be able to try out some of Reply’s applications in the AI field, such as its new smart test automation monitoring module. This is incorporated into Reply’s test automation framework for predictively diagnosing production interruptions using neural networks. There will also be an opportunity to examine some of Reply’s machine learning and image recognition applications. These cover areas such as production line monitoring, medical screening, the identification of objects and faces within digital content and the detection of people’s tastes and behaviours. We will also discuss the new frontiers for the application of AI in self-driving vehicles and how artificial intelligence can be utilised to create content, art and software in an autonomous way.

The cloud has established itself as one of the fundamental elements underlying the digital transformation of enterprises. To support its clients, Reply combines its advisory and architectural expertise with technological partnerships with leading cloud vendors in the global market. Our successful experiences with our customers are the distinctive aspect of the sessions planned. In these, we will talk about how to implement a cloud strategy, the impact on processes and organisation and the ways in which cybersecurity can ensure regulatory compliance and adequate protection of assets even in cloud-based solutions. By openly discussing the various technological solutions available to date, we can also take stock of the challenges and opportunities involved in migrating from on-premise architectures to cloud environments.

Reply supports its clients in applying strategies for the digital transformation of their products with the aid of technological platforms that can be rapidly deployed and vertical solutions specific to their market segments. Over the course of the day, there will be an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of some of the applications offered by the Hi Connect Reply platform designed for smart home products, as well as diagnostic solutions for monitoring vehicle health. Italy’s first AWS DeepRacer race for self-driving vehicles will demonstrate how new technologies are contributing to the digital transformation of vehicles and show how operators in the automotive sector are preparing to respond to the changes involved.

Over recent years, IT related risks have increased dramatically in terms of both their impact and frequency, requiring business to commit and invest increasingly more resources in protecting information, personal data and critical infrastructure. Reply’s Security Operation Centre, which will be recreated within the event zone, will illustrate how potential threats can be identified using behavioural analysis techniques and by detecting anomalies via IoT sensors and connected devices. In the hands-on sessions, there will be the opportunity to test your defence capabilities in a real-life security challenge and take part in a live hacking session in which different sabotage scenarios are demonstrated.

Data and its use are now clearly recognised as key strategic levers in transforming enterprises. Through a selection of successful use cases developed for different sectors, delegates will be able to exchange views on how data can contribute to this transformation. We will talk about how marketing costs can be reduced by leveraging data-driven models, how value can be created by using data monetisation platforms, and how innovative big data platforms can facilitate new business models. Participants will also have the opportunity to get a first look at China Beats, the AI-supported business intelligence solution developed by TD Reply. By analysing social media posts, reviews and discussions on leading search, e-commerce and social media platforms in China, this solution can provide the market insights necessary to define the best strategy for penetrating the Chinese market.

How can enterprises create and promote an effective customer relationship and implement an ecosystem that uses all of the possible touchpoints for communication between the brand and customer? In the exploratory sessions, we will discuss – with the aid of real-life implementations and use cases – how an omnichannel relationship can be developed that promotes customer loyalty and how data analysis can provide valuable customer insights. The convergence between the physical and digital worlds will be discussed with players in the retail sector, along with the impacts on systems and organisations. Attendees will also be able to try out a number of immersive experience solutions, such as holographic video-conferencing, a virtual assistant for real-time product configuration and Reply’s 3D configuration platform. These concrete examples demonstrate how augmented and virtual reality are increasingly vital to marketing strategies.

Industry 4.0 models are redefining production sites by transforming them into systems that are interconnected with the supply chain, logistics, sales, the products themselves, and the support and maintenance chain. Against this background, delegates will be able to see a live in-field operational maintenance process in action, ranging from the interception of defects using data analysis and digital twin algorithms, to the use of AI for supporting operators in the field. We will discuss the innovations offered by the use of autonomous robots and monitoring platforms in warehouse management. There will also be an opportunity to test the warehouse management system solution offered by the LEA Reply™ platform in an exciting challenge of speed and accuracy when picking products in a simulated warehouse environment.

By combining robotics and machine learning, we can improve people’s decision making ability, support them in more operationally based activities, and provide them with the tools they need to take the decisions that are sometimes required. In the exploratory sessions focused on enterprise automation, we will illustrate, partly using real-life use cases, how processes can be made more efficient and effective through the use of intelligent automation technologies and how the relative impacts on organisational models can be mitigated. We will also discuss how process analysis is a fundamental step in any automation initiative, as well as the potential offered by an approach based on the qualitative assessment of activities as compared to a data-based approach, such as process mining.

Imagine a world in which everything interconnects and communicates, a new ecosystem that can be created using next-generation networks. This session will give delegates the chance to meet operators within the sector and understand how they are responding to this technological challenge by adopting new architectures based on SDN (software-defining network) paradigms and developing virtual networks (network virtualisation). Increasingly, the division between hardware and software is the key factor in making the management, operation and control of networks more scalable, more flexible and more efficient and in creating a modern and innovative network that facilitates greater connectivity and allows organisations to reach a new and more diverse user base.


These areas of the event are for trying out the technologies and witnessing the processes that create innovation through direct experimentation with emerging technologies. Dedicated booths are available throughout Xchange to engage participants in hands-on sessions on different subjects.










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