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MILAN 05-06 July 2017

Bocconi University

Reply Xchange is the annual appointment organised by Reply to discuss how innovation and technologies are changing the world. Through the featured presentations, workshops and a dedicated demo area, we will explore the main trends of innovation in the area of digital transformation: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Data Driven Customer Engagement, Data Robotics, Digital Marketing, Industrie 4.0, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Next Generaton Interfaces and Virtual & Augmented Reality.

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    Over the last few years, blockchain has shown itself to be a revolutionary Internet technology, with the potential to bring about a paradigm shift in the concepts of trust, ownership and exchange. The disruptive potential of blockchain protocols lies in the opportunities to disintermediate any process regulated centrally by a Trusted Third-Party and to enable new business scenarios. Today, the high potential of the blockchain technology is already being applied across multiple industries. In this session, two of the main blockchian initiatives are presented, which Reply is conducting at the “Italian System” level in the world of payments and insurance in collaboration with various universities, institutional players and industry regulators.


    The landscape of cybersecurity is continuously evolving: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in less than a year, forcing organisations to pay more attention to the issues of privacy and compliance. Compliance with the Regulations requires the creation of a management system. This necessitates the selection and adoption of measures for the protection of personal data and the storage of such data in the cloud, imposing specific technological choices and management strategies. The session demonstrates how Bots, Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence algorithms improve attack detection and interaction with Reply’s Cyber Security Operation Center.


    Thanks to its international experience, Reply accompanies enterprises across all sectors in evolving and significantly strengthening their customer engagement strategies, a fundamental component, on the one hand, to ensure customer loyalty, and on the other, to acquire new customers and increase the wallet share of those already acquired. During the session, Reply will illustrate how this is possible through the integration of data-driven recommendation systems with conversational systems (e.g. Chatbots). The first, which were exclusively available to over-the-top players such as Amazon in the past, are now available to most companies on the market. The second, on the other hand, are becoming the new leading conversational channels, powered by Machine Learning techniques. Through the combination of these technologies, it becomes possible to redefine the traditional logics and engagement channels (pre and post sales) by increasing the effectiveness of interaction, improving service availability (24 x 7) and enriching the conversation with data, documents, images and personalised suggestions provided in real time.

  • DATA

    Data Robotics consists of a set of technologies, techniques and applications needed to design and develop a new level of company process automation based on Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, designed to support business transformation. In this session, Reply demonstrates how the adoption of Data Robotics solutions enables increased productivity, enhanced scalability, extended business hours and operational efficiency, achieved through the automation of internal processes, both in structured and repetitive contexts, as well as unstructured environments. Moreover, these solutions also make it possible to manage large amounts of data, which would be otherwise unmanageable using traditional or manual solutions. For Reply, Data Robotics is not a project, but a set of solutions that represent the building blocks of a journey of transformation within the company, and which must be appropriately designed, organised and implemented.


    Over the last twenty years companies and their businesses have radically changed, both in the external and internal processes, with a growing need to review the foundations of the economies. The session presents the macro-changes in the society that are reflected in organizations, along with the implications that they bring, providing a framework for dealing with these changes. In addition, through an interactive workshop, we will develop a prototype that explores the future of digital experience.


    Digital channels have become the main point of interaction between companies and customers. Today, developing an effective digital marketing strategy is a key element in supporting the sales of new products and services and improving customer relations, as well as the general perception of the company and the brand. During the session, using a Design Thinking approach, Reply will illustrate the most innovative ways to build an effective Digital Marketing strategy, starting with a cloud-based lead management solution, continuing with the transformation of raw data into customer profiles, and arriving at building smarter campaigns, designed as personalised and targeted customer journeys.


    Fintech (Finance Technology) had increasing rumors among major international newspapers, big venture capitalist interests and industry. Reply, in collaboration with customers, has studied, experimented and launched products, services and new journeys based on the set of underlying methodologies / technologies. The track intends to explain the situation and point out the possible areas of concrete development, with some examples of customer journey evolutions and a use case in the Capital Markets.


    The fourth industrial revolution, the so-called Industrie 4.0, is already under way. The session introduces the distinctive features of Industrie 4.0, a journey that explores the paradigms of the Internet of Things (IoT) and illustrates how people, machines and products interact in the latest factory models: from the production systems, to the product itself, all the way to the redefinition of logistics in new collaborative 4.0 models. The concepts are demonstrated through practical applications developed by Reply, highlighting the various benefits and savings associated with this approach and recommending the most appropriate path to pursue in order to take full advantage of the transformation potential of Industrie 4.0.


    IoT has the potential to represent a new competitive edge for companies. Reply ha been continuously investing in the Internet of Things since 2009 and today, it is one of the leading players in the sector. All this, thanks to a structured approach to the IoT that represents an extension of the user's digital experience and generates added value for the company. The heart of Reply’s IoT offer consists of technology platforms based on a rapid deployment model, coupled with specific vertical solutions targeted by market segments. Real cases illustrating the development and introduction of IoT technologies in enterprises will be presented during this session.

  • NEXT

    Until recently, the keyboard and videos have been the main tools for interacting with the digital world. However, the technological evolution is now offering new ways to interact with the virtual universe of machines and of the Internet, through the use of hands and body gestures, visual recognition and eye-tracking, head movements and voice. These mechanisms have the potential to support companies in designing and evolving processes and systems, enhancing the capacity of organisations and improving customer relations. The new systems, however, require completely different user interface design paradigms. This session explores the major challenges companies will be faced with, in designing and developing original and efficient next generation interfaces.

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This area of the event is for trying out the technologies and witnessing the processes that create innovation through direct experimentation with emerging technologies. Dedicated booths are available throughout Xchange to engage participants in hands-on sessions on subjects like:


Blockchain Accelerators / Store Accelerator / Travel Accelerator


Automated Invoice / Automotive Chatbot / Conversational Commerce / Employee Monthly Expenses / Know Your Orders


Programmatic Marketing / Trend Sonar


Connected Fleet / Digital Factory / Predictive Maintenance / Smart Factory


Cyber Security for Transport System / Intelligence Driven Authentication / IoT Web of Things / Predictive Analytics as a Service / 100% Accurate Flight Inspection


Cyber Security Operation Center Live Experience


Engage with Virtual Reality / Explore in Virtual Reality / Theseus VR Game / 3D Configurator Platform


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