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MILAN 17th June 2015
università bocconi

Xchange is an annual appointment organised by Reply to discuss how innovation and technologies are changing the world. Through the featured presentations and a dedicated demo area, we will explore the main trends of innovation in the area of digital transformation: Augmented Reality, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things.

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  • In what can legitimately be termed the industrial revolution of the 21st Century, new business opportunities are arising for companies. In the era of digital transformation – an era in which everything is connected everywhere, all of the time – products and services are increasingly moving towards a state of total digitisation, thus allowing companies to modify and penetrate markets in new, disruptive ways.
    For businesses, this not only involves moving their products and services online, but also adapting to the new paradigm in a more complex and all-encompassing fashion, even going so far as to create a digital ecosystem. In such an ecosystem, companies integrate and connect products and services with one another, in order to enhance and optimise the experience both of their business clients and their end users. The case studies considered and discussed in detail will include Connected Cars, the Factory 4.0, the Smart Home, the impacts of Retail Transformation on the Store, and the Cryptocurrency.

  • The latest system architectures used for Big Data and Real-time analytics resemble crude oil refineries in that they are key technologies for refining raw data and generating value from it. The approaches now resulting from the analysis of the data are bringing new applications, new services and new opportunities to the market.
    A correct understanding of such tools, which are in constant evolution, is vital for helping businesses as they analyse and interpret the value generated by the data. From a technological point of view, the techniques of Machine Learning are being applied to massive amounts of data in order to extract information more quickly and at a reduced cost, while enterprise architectures based on the Hadoop framework are being developed with the aim of transforming businesses’ traditional data warehouses.

  • The growth of Mobile and the Internet of Things have led to the creation of a wide range of devices designed both to capture the consumer’s attention and to provide interactive and involving user experiences. Consider, for example, the development of responsive websites and the use of web beacons, interactive mirrors and second screens. Such devices now have sophisticated interfaces and constitute examples of great design and engineering, but lack the ability to evoke emotions.
    Two very important aspects that will define and determine major changes in the world around us involve Wearable Technologies, which can be considered part of our digital DNA, and Digital Identity.


This area of the event is set up for testing the technologies and experiencing processes that, through a bottom-up process, create innovation through direct experimentation on the emerging technologies. The dedicated stands are available over the full period of the Xchange to involve delegates in “hands-on” session on topics such as:

HEALTH & FITNESS CORNER Mobile Health / Wearable Technologies / Swim Tracker

HOME CORNER Home as a Platform / Interactive Media / Smart Security

ENERGY CORNER Real-Time Insight / Customer Engagement / Energy Efficiency

STORE CORNER Customer Engagement / Contextual Marketing / Digital Signage / Digital Payments

AUGMENTED REALITY & GAMING CORNER Oculus Rift / Cardboards / In Space We Brawl


This area of the event focuses on the transformation of an organisation’s business by CLOUD-BASED to ON-PREMISE technologies. We will involve companies in a hands-on workshop dedicated to the experimentation and use of the most innovative cloud-based services offered by Amazon, Google, NetSuite, SideUp Reply and TamTamy Reply.



Milan - Università Bocconi
Luigi Bocconi business university is a beacon of academic and cultural excellence in the economic, management, quantitative, and legal sciences. The university was founded over a century ago as an expression of openness to modernity, as an act of faith in progress and its close relationship with the advancement of knowledge in a continuing dialogue with the external world. The values that inspired Bocconi university’s founders are still firmly intact today. These principles live on in the university’s work, which continues to pass the Bocconi family’s commitment to education on to new generations.

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